Roofable Roofs

the Westcon 2015 Symposium 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015                                                                 7:30am-5pm
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Sponsored by AIA East Bay

6.5 CES LUs

What Architects, General Contractors and Mechanical Contractors need to know to deliver roof decks, walls, penetrations, etc. that are ready to roof (or waterproof) without compromise.

How should the roof deck, walls, and penetrations be configured to allow roofing to be installed without compromise?  What are the standards that apply?  Learn what your roll is in producing a reliable roof.

Design so that roofing application is not compromised.  Learn appropriate separations and clearances to accommodate roof application.  Understand roof deck considerations and how choices affect roof performance.   Understand the work of other trades affects roofing and vise versa.

Every successful project starts with the substrate and ends with flashings.  What designers, general contractors, and other trades need to know.

Design and build to allow easy and economical re-roofing. Come and listen to the advice of working professionals with 200 years of combined experience.

Invited Speakers:

David Field, AIA, Richard Avelar & Associates
Chris Nelson, Technical Roof Services
Chuck Peterson, Malott & Peterson Roofing Co.
Steve Cadet, Fidelity Roof Company
John Thompson, Salas O’Brien
Rod Tosetti, Tosetti Electric

Symposium Objectives:

By the end of this symposium, attendees will understand:

  • How substrate choices and preparation affect roofing and waterproofing.
  • How to configure design features and penetrations on roof decks and walls.
  •  The appropriate separations and clearances to accommodate roof applications.
  • Which codes apply, and the recommendations of industry, trade and manufacturers.
  • The role of the designer, general contractor and specialty contractor in ensuring their designs and work allow a roofer to deliver a reliable roof.


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