New Approaches with Solar Thermal, Radiant, Combination DHW and Space Heating Systems

a Small Firm Forum

Thursday, November 5, 2015                       
Noon-1:30 PM
Free AIA Members; $3 Guests
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John Grose will discuss new approaches to solar thermal and radiant heat systems.  These systems combine domestic hot water and space heating systems.  One solar collector is connected to a dual water tank which is gas fired and solar heated.  He will educate us on budget conscious and deluxe alternatives for this wet mechanical system.  He will address the Solar for California Homes program.

John Grose’s presentation will be an overview and detailed discussion regarding high efficiency hot water, both Tank and Tankless.  How to apply Solar thermal to domestic hot water heating systems and hydronic space heating systems in as simple and cost effective means as possible.  What is available on the market?  Which mechanical systems will help you achieve your Net Zero Energy Homes?  Hydronic heating and cooling. He will review tradeoffs between various types of systems and advancements so you the designer can make your best possible decision.

About the Presenter

John Grose is the President of Sensible Technologies, Inc. (STI), graduated from U.C. Davis in 1981 with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics.  He immediately entered the solar thermal and energy conservation industry and worked on every level, including 8 years as a service and repair technician, throughout the greater bay area, repairing thousands of solar and hydronic heating systems.  In 1997 he became a principal at STI, dba, JTG/Muir, manufacturer’s representatives in High Efficiency Hydronic heating equipment and Solar Thermal Systems.  Today he enjoys sharing his industry knowledge from a financial, code, mechanical and hands on “what works” approach.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this program participants will

  • be able to describe one new technology for domestic hot water systems
  • be able to conceptually address building systems for a performance calculation for energy code compliance
  • be able to state three options for radiant cooling
  • be able to describe three options for achieving net zero energy performance in their projects.


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