The Rolly Keyboard

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Larry Mortimer, AIA

Are you away from the office and need to send a detailed email but hate to deal with the hunt and peck entry on your smartphone or tablet? Here’s advice that our colleague Laile Giansetto, AIA introduced me to that could solve the problem.

What Does It Do: The Rolly is a Bluetooth connected wireless keyboard that rolls up to a compact easy-to-carry stick when not in use.

System Requirements: It works with any device that uses Bluetooth 3.0 (or higher) such as a smartphone or tablet. What does it cost: $119


October_ArchNews DRAFT pgs 6-10_Page_1_Image_0003How Does it Work: The Rolly operates like any other wireless keyboard but rolls up on a spline to fit in your pocket when you don’t need it. It connects with generic Bluetooth so it will work with Apple, Android or Windows products. Unrolled it has four rows of keys, lays very flat on any working surface, and has a pull out stand in the back that will support up to a 10” tablet. The keys are well separated and have a good feel to them. When rolled up it’s held together magnetically, and comes in white or black.

Pros: The Rolly operates on one AAA battery that lasts up to three months. It can connect to two devices the same time, and toggles between them.
Cons: There is no numeric pad. Numbers are located on the “QWERTY…” row, not in the usual location above it, and are accessed with a modifier key. To accommodate the roll up feature, the vertical spacing of the rows is wider than a normal keyboard. At $119 it’s little pricier than its competitors

October_ArchNews DRAFT pgs 6-10_Page_1_Image_0004Conclusion: The Rolly has some quirks, but it’s an interesting accessory, and one to consider if you need a keyboard on the road.

More Information:
Purchase at: The usual electronic outlets as soon as it’s available.


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