What’s Next on the Senior Living Horizon?

a Design for Aging, NorCal Forum

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
AIA San Francisco, 130 Sutter Street, SF
Free and open to all.

From Tom Brutting, FAIA:

“Our topic for the December meeting will be What’s Next On The Senior Living Horizon!

Living environments for those who are seniors have evolved greatly in a short period of time.

We will review and discuss this evolution over the past decades and brainstorm what may lie ahead, and the factors related to change.

As an example Assisted Living and Memory Care hardly existed as a form of care product just 30 years ago.  How and why have these care models evolved and where might they be headed in the future?

Also, what we call or name living environments is ever morphing and changing.  The names and terms are often revised.  Updated?

Why can’t we land on something that’s definitive, or does the branding need to evolve too?

What role does demographics and psychology have to do with it?

Finally, what do we each individually view as the future?

Come join us for the discussion!”

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