Construction Disasters–and how to avoid them!

Presented by East Bay/Oakland Chapter CSI
co-sponsored by AIA East Bay

Friday, April 22, 2016
Location: AIA East Bay, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland, CA 94612
Cost: $95/per person. Click here to register.


Four presentations on how to avoid construction disasters: case studies of what went wrong, why it went wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t go wrong again!

Waterproofing for Success- Principles to Reduce System Failures
David Field, AIA,  Richard Avelar & Associates, will discuss various strategies the design professional can use to ensure a successful installation of waterproofing systems. Based on David’s experience performing many peer reviews, David will illustrate situations where if the designer would have taken a different path the project would have been successful.

Stucco Buckets- A Common Cause of Wood Decay in Stucco Construction
Christine Diosdado, P.E., Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, will speak on stucco construction, the lack of adequate weeping provisions at soffit returns, window heads and beams that often times result in water accumulation within the stucco assembly. The wetting of stucco clad wood components over prolonged periods may cause deterioration of the underlying water-resistant barrier (WRB), wood decay and an ultimate reduction in the structural integrity of the wood components. This presentation will define this problematic condition and describes the current code requirements for weeping and venting of stucco-clad assemblies. Ms. Diosdado will outline best practices for design and repair.

Plaza Deck Waterproofing Disasters- Learning effective design and application from waterproofing disasters
Chris Nelson, Technical Roof Services, will focus on pros and cons of different membranes; selecting the appropriate membrane, base flashing heights and door thresholds; drains not draining the waterproofing; and the importance of water testing.

Vinyl and Aluminum Window Performance
Karim Allana, Allana Buick & Bers, will contrast the differences in installation and operation costs, thermal performance, structural integrity, product warranties and design aesthetic between Vinyl and Aluminum, and how they affect system selection and performance. Vinyl and Aluminum fin style Windows are the two most prevalent window assemblies, predominately used in Multifamily residential construction. Participants will gain an understanding of failure issues in relation to how both window assemblies are manufactured and sealed; how their drainage paths work; and how they are integrated into the exterior wall systems. We will explore the impact of performance class on window selection and how elements like building height, temperature and UV exposure, proper maintenance, and conscientious design decisions can impact lifecycle performance. We will review forensic analyses of both vinyl and aluminum windows and provide insight into mitigating performance issues and optimizing operational costs.

About the presenters:
David Field, AIA received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley in 1995 and received his Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1998. In 2000, David began working at Richard Avelar & Associates where he performed litigation support duties, including site observations and code compliance analysis. He obtained his Architect’s license in 2004. He now performs forensic investigation and expert witness service, including building performance and code compliance review, repair specifications and contract administration.

Christine Diosdado, P.E., Senior Project Manager has over 20 years of experience as a lead investigator, project manager and expert witness on complex, construction defect cases. Her investigation experience encompasses a variety of building types, including high-rise, residential, institutional, commercial and medical buildings.

Chris Nelson is a Senior Consultant at Technical Roof Services with over 38 years’ experience as a contractor and consultant installing flashings, investigating leaks, devising ways to successfully renovate plaza decks, below grade waterproofing, steep and low sloped roofs as well as wall cladding, windows, and doors. He has served as an expert witness regarding roof and waterproofing systems. Mr. Nelson is a former president of the Western Construction Consultants Association and has presented numerous symposia locally and around the country on a variety of roofing and waterproofing topics.

Karim Allana is the CEO and Senior Principal of Allana Buick & Bers, Inc., a leading Architectural and Engineering firm specializing in the Building Envelope and Sustainable Construction for new and rehabilitation projects. Karim earned a B.S. in civil Engineering from Santa Clara University. He is a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC) and Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC).

Learning Objectives:


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