The Joy of Accounting: Small Firm Forum

a Small Firm Forum

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Free AIA Members; $3 Guests
Brown bag lunch (BYO lunch)

1.5  CES LUs

Host:  Donald Wardlaw AIA

The February program will explore, via the urge to share, the many ways we manage the accounting challenges of small firm practice.  How do we tame this side of our practice so that the rest of our practice remains viable?

Are we all managing our job and office accounting with the same tools, the same methods?  That seems unlikely. If there is a smarter and more efficient way, would that interest us?  Likely yes. This month we will look at these questions and any others you bring:

Do we run separate systems for job and company accounting?

Has our accounting method evolved with time?

What have we learned about accounting that we did not know when we began our practice?

Who is responsible, you, a bookkeeper or your CPA?

How much time is required each month for company bookkeeping?

How much time is needed for client billing?

Are we using post-its, spreadsheets or dedicated accounting software?

Are we concerned about banking security and if so, what are we doing about it?

If there are employees, what access do they have to the accounting system?

Are we using the accounting system to track employee hours on a daily basis?

Income and expense, or double entry?


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the presentation, attendees will…

1.  Gain perspective on the accounting methods and systems used by other small firms.

2.  Learn how accounting methods can be improved by seeing how other architects manage job accounting and client billing.

3. Learn what accounting software tools other architects are using and each program’s strengths and weaknesses.

4. See how to reduce time spent on accounting to allow more time for billable tasks.


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