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Mentorship Workshop

Presented by the Association of AE Business Leaders, cosponsored by AIA East Bay

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
$30 for AEBL and AIA members; $50 Guests
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Successful companies large and small are using mentoring programs to tackle complex human-resource challenges such as increasing employee retention and satisfaction, developing leadership skills, improving workforce productivity, and enabling company succession plans.

There are many benefits to having a well-run mentoring program. Employees benefit from mentoring relationships because they have someone with greater knowledge and experience who becomes a valued adviser, while the mentor can teach and advise up-and-coming leaders, develop a better understanding of employee issues, and develop stronger communication skills. Other benefits include greater productivity in the workplace and identifying the next generation of leadership while streamlining succession plans.

This workshop will offer practical ideas and guidelines for starting or improving mentorship programs. Facilitator Marion Thatch of B-Distinct Consulting has over 30 years of working in the A/E/C industry, serving as an executive coach to many architectural and engineering business leaders, as well as successfully implementing mentorship programs. This session will include discussions about creating and managing a mentorship program, as well as relevant case studies, interactive learning activities, and a live, real-life mentor/mentee demonstration.

Topics for the workshop will include:

  • Defining program objectives and developing a program that fits the culture of your company
  • Determining the goals of the program (greater productivity, employee retention, financial gains, etc.)
  • Structuring the program
  • Who should be involved
  • Getting buy-in from the entire company
  • How the program should be managed and monitored
  • Following up and quantifying the program’s success