Profile Builder 2

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LarryMortimer, AIA

Here is a SketchUp extension that can increase your productivity when
building an architectural model.

What Does It Do: With SketchUp it’s always been easy to create a simple section profile and extrude it along a path (say to create a handrail). But with the Profile Builder 2 (PB2) extension you can build, edit and quantify a complex parametric assembly (say a wall assembly or a complex guardrail) along a path and have all of the component parts in the correct relationships, on the correct layer and in addition obtain quantity information.

System Requirements: You can use PB2 with SketchUp on a Windows or a Mac computer.

What does it cost: $49.95, or give it a test drive with a free 30-day trial period.

tech2How Does it Work: Draw or import multiple components, combine them into a profile, then extrude it along a path drawn with your mouse, a pre-drawn smart path or revolve it around an axis to create an assembly. PB2 will also create quantity reports in CSV format (readable by any spreadsheet program) that includes length, area, volume, weight and cost of the complete assembly.

Pros: For creating an assembly with repetitive elements along a path such as railings, fences,
stairs, walls, etc. PB2 is a real timesaver. Modifying the path or the individual component profiles automatically updates the assembly. Custom profiles can be saved and reused. PB2 can also trim an extruded profile to a solid or a surface.

tech1Cons: PB2 is a little pricy for an extension.

Conclusion: PB2 is great for creating complex assemblies along a path. This extension only does a few
things, but it does them very well.tech3

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