Firm Profile: SKL Associates, Inc.

SKL Associates, Inc. based in Walnut Creek has been providing architectural services for clients
throughout California. SKL was set up in 1988 by architect Sharad Lal, AIA, who has extensive
architecture and urban planning experience. The firm’s philosophy is based on applying the knowledge and skills of an architect in a collaborative manner. The firm aims to provide context-based designs that are unique and developed by engaging a dialogue with our clients, the community and other

firm SKL has completed diverse project types including hospitality, mixeduse, retail, light industrial, senior housing and residential. Geographically our projects are spread from Crescent City in the north to Carlsbad in the south. A Hyatt Place hotel has just broken ground in Santa Barbara after seven years of Santa Barbara County approvals. One interesting project the firm is currently working on is a traditional hindu temple in Contra Costa County. Temple architecture in India is based the ancient principles of Vastu and designed by specialized architect-craftsmen known as Stapathy. Vastu principles are used for site planning, building placement and orientation, as well as aesthetic proportions for sizing of elements and spaces . The firms involvement will meld a five thousand year old temple design tradition, with current building practices in California, including the process of obtaining entitlements for a complex and rarely seen design form and expression in North America.

Wfirm 3e approach every project with an open mind and encourage others on the team to do the same. At every stage we are responsive to our clients program requirements and budget. In addition, a lot of attention goes into creating buildings that have a fresh, timeless aesthetic appeal. We team up with experienced engineering consultants and help select the right general contractor to ensure that the construction process unfolds in a satisfactory manner.

firm 2Early in the design decision-making process, we present our clients with sustainable strategies and guidance, such that the appropriate building systems are selected. Implementing these measures have helped clients realize significant operational savings in energy bills and increased comfort level of the users.

SKL focus on delivering our services so that complex process of design through construction seem less onerous to our clients, whether they are experienced or first-time developers.

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