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Larry Mortimer, AIA


If you recall, our CoolTech article two months ago was about AR (augmented reality). Well here’s an app you can use right now that uses AR to help you view solar exposure at any time, date, or place in the world.

What Does It Do: Sun Seeker shows the solar path, its hour intervals, its equinox, winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times, twilight times, and more. It provides a flat compass view, an AR (augmented reality) view, and a map view showing solar direction for each daylight hour. A screen widget also shows today’s solar data and position on arc.

System Requirements: Any iOS or Android device.Capture

What does it cost: $7.49 (Android) $9.99 (iOS)

4How Does it Work: It uses your mobile device’s GPS, magnetometer and gyroscope to find the correct solar position and path for your current location.

• Flat compass view shows current solar position, azimuth, elevation, and shadow ratio.
• AR view shows the sun’s current position/path superimposed on your camera view.
• Map view showing solar direction arrows and elevations for each hour of the day.2
• You can choose any date/time.
• You can choose any location on earth.
• Equinox, summer and winter solstice paths can be shown in both flat compass and AR views.

Conclusion: This is an easy to use tool for determiningsolar exposures anywhere at any time on any date. Best of all it’s inexpensive and works on a device you most likely already carry with you.

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