The Myth of our Code and the “One-Earthquake Building” Webinar

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Free lunchtime webinar
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Most of the general public and even many of us in the A/E world, subscribe to a huge misconception about the intent of our building codes.  Because of this, the performance of a “code-compliant” building often falls drastically short of the expectations of society and businesses that trust us to deliver.  The good news is that this conundrum is rather easily overcome.  In this webinar, we will discuss how forethought and relatively small investments into your building at the beginning of the design stage (or ownership stage) can add significant value to the property, reduce future repair costs, allow rapid re-occupancy that limits operations downtime, and save lives.

This webinar is presented by Josh Reynolds, S.E. Senior Associate with Miyamoto International, Inc. and Richard Chen, Principal at Miyamoto International, Inc.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this program, attendees will…

  1. Learn about the misconception about the intent of our building codes.
  2. Learn how to overcome the conundrum of the “code-compliant” building that isn’t up to societal standards.
  3. Learn about the forethought and small investments made during the design stage that can add value and reduce costs.
  4. Learn about significant opportunities to allow for rapid re-occcupancy, saving lives and limiting operations downtime when an earthquake strikes.


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