Project Profile: Cooley Architectural Corporation

pp1 barre3 San Carlos, California

Once fully occupied by a tile showroom and warehouse, the shell was converted into four 2,200 sq. ft. spaces. In 2015, Misasha Graham purchased the barre3 (yoga/pilates/ballet fitness class) franchise rights for San Carlos and signed the lease for one of the spaces. The barre3 franchise didn’t have an architect with experience in California, so the owner found Cooley Architectural Corporation through a referral from another client. The project design was started in July 2015, and the studio was open in January 2016. The scope was to remove the existing restroom, ceiling, and light fixtures to start from scratch. Cooley Architectural Corporation provided a plan that met the barre3 corporate program of a welcoming area with retail, a play area, two unisex restrooms with one shower, a room for washing workout towels and as large and open a studio as possible. There is a full-height mirror on one side of the studio to give the illusion of a wider space. The biggest challenge of this project was coordinating the ventilation ducts, fans, lights, speakers andacoustic panels in the ceiling. What made this a greater challenge than it would have already been was that the slope of the existing roof resulted in very little clearance to hang the panels in the back of the space.pp4pp6pp3

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