Larry Mortimer, AIA

Did you know that 75% of the earth suffers from an inconsistent, complicated or inadequate addressing system. Here is a new way of accurately locating any place on the globe.

quuote what3words

What Does It Do: What3words is an app that uses a unique 3 word combination to identify a 3m x 3m location, anywhere on the surface of the planet.

System Requirements: The app is available on iOS or Android devices.

What does it cost: The app is free. pg6

How Does it Work: What3words has divided the complete surf

ace of the earth into 3m x 3m squares and has assigned a 3 word label to identify each (for example the entry to the AIA office is “memory.stand.ties”). The 3 word labels are unique and available in 9 different languages. So why is this useful? It turns out three 2pg6words are much easier to remember than numerical identifiers. Also, any location can be quickly identified and communicated with more ease and accuracy than other systems (such as street addresses, postal codes or latitude and longitude). Three word addresses can be converted directly to latitude, longitude and vice-versa. The app does not require a data connection, so it can be used in remote and unaddressed location with poor connectivity.

Conclusion: How would you use this? What if you want to have an impromptu meeting with your 4pg6team on a large site that has no distinguishing features? With this app, you define the location and send it to your colleagues. Your colleagues then use the app to place a location pin in Apple Maps, Google Maps or Waze and get walking, driving, or transit directions to the location. It’s quick, easy and everyone’s on the same page.

More Information at:

3pg6Get app at: id657878530?mt=8&ignmpt=uo%3D4


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