Firm Profile: Bendrew Jong FAIA, Architects & Associates

  • Neighborhoods, from small markets to high-rise proposals for various parts of Oakland.

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  • We renovated a tiny fruit market, adding outdoor sales space, landscaping and new loading/storage to help turn the Monterey Market area into a fabulous neighborhood. We continue to do similar projects like turning an underutilized hospital parking lot into new neighborhood shops in inner-city Fremont.

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  • We built our own hybrid, passive solar house and won Sunset Magazine/AIA’s Special Award for Solar Energy – featured in the Italian magazine Abitare. Our later houses integrated green solutions while making a design statement, like this sun trellis shielding the west sun.

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  • We created a vibrant live/work block from a historic 1900’s tannery and won a best preservation award for converting a 1930’s school into a first of it’s kind artist/loft condo in West Oakland.

We’ve successfully taken on two projects near the West Oakland BART station:

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  • And we continue to work on high-rise mixed-use developments throughout California.

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