Landmark Waterproofing Disasters

Presented by East Bay / Oakland Chapter CSI / Co-Sponsored by AIA East Bay

Friday, November 18th, 2016
Cost: $95
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Four presentations on how to landmark waterproofing disasters. Case studies of what went wrong, why it went wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t go wrong again.

Powell Street BART Station
In 2016, BART completed an extensive remedial waterproofing project at the concrete ceiling of the Powell Street BART Station. Tom Butt was the project architect contracted as a sub-consultant to the prime consultant to BART. Interactive Resources had conducted extensive research and testing before settling on the optimum products and methods for the waterproofing. The failed original waterproofing system was on the outside of the concrete ceiling and inaccessible for any direct observation, removal or replacement. Multiple concrete spalls had to be repaired and special coatings applied to encapsulate some previously tested but failed waterproofing injection grout products.

Tom Butt, FAIA, LEED AP BD+P, is founder and president of Interactive Resources, a Richmond-based architecture-engineering firm. He has a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA and served in the US Army Corps of Engineers in Vietnam. Tom also the elected mayor of Richmond, CA, a city of 110,000 on San Francisco Bay.

Common Roofing and Waterproofing Oversights and Solutions
Roofing and waterproofing failures are the number one source of post-construction claims; yet the products and procedures exist to produce reliable waterproof assemblies. Modern construction assemblies and expectations are increasingly complex and require careful attention by the A/E in design. An overview of some basic considerations for roofing and vertical enclosures describe some common oversights and means of correction. The A/E is responsible for coordinating the consulting disciplines to avoid conflicts and potential gaps in the building envelope. Clear coordinated direction of these requirements by the A/E enables the team to develop a complete weatherproof design.

John R. Guill, AIA, FCSI, CCS, CCA, SCIP, AIRCI is a Specifier and Technical Consultant with DTR Consulting Services, Inc. in Santa Rosa, Irvine & Roseville, CA; specializing in roofing, waterproofing, specifications and quality control with over 30 years of experience in educational and institutional architecture for government agencies, corporate and private clients. He is a frequent presenter on construction topics for CSI, AIA, schools, universities and other industry groups at national, regional and local levels, including the CONSTRUCT Convention.

Concrete Restoration Project – 945 Green Street, San Francisco
After almost 100 years in service, the 14-story building at 945 Green Street was showing major signs of deterioration, including spalling, cracking, and exterior delamination. Due to the marine environment, corrosion of the reinforcement and steel frame became evident over time. Small repairs were conducted periodically, but large-scale restoration had been avoided. Eventually, the observable repairs were significant enough to warrant a full-scale investigation. Brian Neumann, AIA will cover the problems, challenges and solutions faced when dealing with one of the most iconic residential buildings in San Francisco.

Brian R. Neumann, AIA provides complete architectural evaluation, analysis and design for a wide range of projects. He has performed in-depth testing and evaluation of buildings to determine the cause and extent of problems and assist in developing practical remedial designs and repair solutions, specializing in all aspects of the building envelope including roofs, walls, exterior decks, below grade waterproofing and litigation support. As a continuing education provider he has presented at local businesses and national conferences.

Trust In Poor Office Details, No Waterproofing Coordination of Team Engineers and a Construction Team without Waterproofing Knowledge Will Lead to Disaster
Blind trust in your office’s details, no waterproofing coordination of team engineers and a construction team without waterproofing knowledge, will max out your insurance policy and lose a year of a senior architect’s billable time.

Joel Agnello, AIA Architect & Principal of Richard Avelar & Associates provides architectural services for building design and reconstruction, litigation support, forensic investigation, code compliance review, reconstruction design document preparation and contract administration as well as waterproofing & building envelope consulting services.

Mike Hilliard, AIA, CASp, CSI, LEED AP, has been an Architect in California and Nevada for over forty years. He’s known for figuring out why buildings are leaking and how to fix them. Hilliard Architects is a hands on architecture firm that is frequently retained to provide roofing and waterproofing detailing, water intrusion studies, accessibility review and litigation support.

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