Burning Man and BIM

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Free and open to all. Lunch provided by Ideate.
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Burning Man, often described as an experiment in community and art, is also an experiment in architecture. Join this presentation for an overview of Burning Man and details of specific projects that have been built out in the Black Rock Desert. We will discuss design collaboration tools in the context of software and the use of Revit and other platforms with large volunteer groups. We will also discuss fast–track projects and the actual CNC fabrication side of building real projects in challenging environments.

About the Presenters:

Douglas Smith is a project BIM manager at Woods Bagot. Previously, he worked at SOM as a digital design coordinator and specialist. Outside of work, he is a long time “Burner” (one who attends Burning Man). He first trekked to Black Rock City in 1998 with a college friend and since then, has only missed the one in 2014, bringing his total years of attending to 17. At the past two events he attended, he worked on the Temple projects: The Temple of Wholyness by Gregg Fleishmann in 2013 and as part of the Dreamers Guild that built Temple of Promise designed by Jazz Tigan in 2015.

Jeffrey McGrew is a licensed architect in California. His background is based in business, architecture, technology, and construction. Since 2006 he has been the co-founder and lead architect of the design–build studio Because We Can. An award–winning designer and public speaker, he loves to solve problems, generate ideas, and make great things for the great people Because We Can works for. A leader in the use of BIM and Digital Fabrication, Jeffrey has a deep history in applying Revit in unusual situations. Having attended Burning Man off and on since 1996, he’s helped with several art projects including The Serpent Twins by Jon Sarriugarte in 2011 and The Temple of Wholyness by Gregg Fleishmann in 2013.

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