CoolTechStuff: 1001 bit Pro

Larry Mortimer, AIA

If you use SketchUp, here’s an inexpensive architectural plug-in that you should have in your tool box.


What Does It Do:1001 bit Pro is a plug-in for SketchUp that allows you to easily create parametric objects such as foundations, walls, columns and roofs. It also has a number of tools to manipulate primitive objects.

System Requirements: SketchUp on any platform.

What does it cost: $48 (Proversion), but you can test it free for 30 days. There is also a standard version that is free.tech4

How Does it Work: 1001 bit Pro is a ruby script plug-in that adds over 49 additional tools to SketchUp. Some of the tools augment your ability to manipulate primitives, such as slicing an object along a plane or extending the face of a surface to meet another surface. It’s real power however is in creating parametric architectural objects, such as foundations, walls, windows, doors, stairs, roof planes, framing, cut & fill and more. tech3

Pros: It’s inexpensive, yet very powerful and easy to use. It works in both metric and feet/ inches and has an extensive User Guide.

Cons: You must already have SketchUp.

Conclusion: If you are using SketchUp for architectural modeling, or any 3D modeling, you should have this tool. It will greatly increase your productivity. It will also increase the accuracy of your model because you can make numerical entries.

More Information and Purchase at: http://

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