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Larry Mortimer, AIA


What Does It Do: Rocketbook is a notebook with the same feel and function of a paper notebook but it’s erasable and (with the Rocketbook App) has the ability to easily convpenpadert the content to a digital format. The notebook comes in two versions, the Wave and the Everlast with the difference being how they erase. The Wave comes in a standard (8.5” x 9.5”)
and executive size (6” x 8.9”), while the Everlast comes in a letter (8.5” x 11”) and executive size (6” x 8”).

System Requirements: The Rocketbook App with any iOS or Android device and any Pilot FriXion pen, marker or highlighter.

What does it cost: Wave $27, Everlast $34, Pilot FriXion erasable gel pen $10 (pack of 7).
How Does it Work: Both the Wave and Everlast notebooks look and feel like paper notebooks with a dot grid and a durable polyethylene binding. To use, simply write or sketch on each page and when finished, use the Rocketbook App to scan (in PNG or PDF format) and erase the page to use it again. At the bottom of each page there are seven symbols that identify where the app will send the digital image. Simply check the desired box and the app will send the image to the desired destination (including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack or an email address). Also, multiple pages can be bundled into one document.

After you’ve scanned the images you can erase the notebook and start fresh. To erase the Wave place it in a microwave oven, follow the instructions, and the whole notebook will be erased. With the Everlast each page is erased individually by wiping clean with a damp towel.

Pros: Feels like paper and writes like paper. Scanning with the app is fast and simple.openbook

Cons: It only works with the Pilot FriXion pens, markers or highlighters. The App does not offer optical character recognition or scans in landscape mode. The microwave erasure procedures are a bit fussy, and there is some concern about how many you can do before too much residue builds up (not a concern with the Everlast). Everlast is not available until May 2017.

Conclusion: This is a great concept for getting those sketches and notes into a digital format and being able to use the notebook over and over again.

Links for more Information and to Purchase:

The Rocketbook




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