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LarryMortimer, AIA

If you played with Legos as a kid, you will like “Smart Bricks.” This system of interlocking elements is being developed by an Israeli company named Kite Bricks Ltd.

What Are They: Smart Bricks is a collection of high- strength concrete block elements that fit together like Legos.tech2

How Do They Work: Smart Bricks are designed to be easily joined together with an adhesive, and have open internal, vertical and horizontal cells to allow for reinforcement, insulation, plumbing and wiring. Floors, walls, and ceilings are all constructed using smart brick elements creating solid construction with little mess or waste. Removable panels allow access to the internal elements without tearing open walls. The developer, Kite Bricks, claims the Smart Brick system significantly reduces construction costs over other types of construction and reduces the need for other on-site materials such as sand, steel and water.tech3

tech1The developer envisions construction to eventually be done rapidly with on-site robots (see video at

Conclusion: This system looks promising, but as far as I know it’s still just in the development stage and no buildings have yet been built using it. If it ever gets up and running, custom shapes and finishes could be designed that will allow more design flexibility, and I suspect other companies will come up with similar systems.


Re: Last Month’s CoolTech Article: I’ve been using a 30-day trial version of 1001 bit Pro and would like to purchase it. Because of a problem with the developer’s PayPal account I have not been able to do so. However a freeware version is readily available for download.

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