Executive Director’s Update


Sidney Sweeney, Executive Director

2017 President Winston Win, AIA is donating space in his column to different members of the Board of Directors this year. I’m pleased to have the first “guest month.”

You Missed It!

We often talk about upcoming programs but don’t often tell you about those that passed. That’s changing. Look in future issues of ArchNews for “You Missed It!” where we highlight recently-held programs. What have you missed so far this year? Possibly the January Monthly Program, which was a fun mixer for members and non-members alike. The event lasted for more than three hours (I began suggesting people were tired and had families and pets that missed them just before 9pm), all the wine was consumed and very little food was left. Lots of dynamic discussions were had and we received great feedback on what attendees are looking for and how we can make our good offerings great. One attendee emailed, “Last night was surprisingly fun. I hadn’t realized what an interesting group of people are members of AIA, and I didn’t know how much the chapter does!”

Member Take-Over

Take over our Instagram account that is! One of the suggestions that came out of the aforementioned Mixer was to have members to take over the Chapter’s Instagram account for a week so we can see the world through their eyes. Are you up for the challenge? If so, email Shanel Scholz, our Communications & Events Coordinator, and she’ll get you onto the schedule.

New Newsletter Format

Starting in April, your issue of ArchNews will come to you in an email-only format (no PDF to download). You’ll be able to scan the articles quickly and click to the ones that you wish to read completely. Plus, you’ll be able to comment and discuss what you’ve read.

With this change we must thank our tireless editor, Harry Jacobs, AIA, who month after month, for more than 15 years, compiled and laid out the content. He did this first in our black and white printed version of ArchNews, then later in our larger-format two-color version. Then, when we moved to an electronic PDF he had the opportunity to incorporate full-color images. Without Harry’s steadfast stewardship, we wouldn’t have ArchNews today. I’m pleased to add, Harry will continue on as content editor as we move into our newest format!

**This change was prompted by discussions Communication Committee members had at the Member Mixer. Are you wishing you’d attended to share your thoughts? You always can by emailing me at sidney@aiaeb.org.

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