Mary Loumeau: Allied Member Profile

The Northern California Glass Management Association (NCGMA) is your expert and resource for all things commercial glass—whether you are designing curtain walls, store fronts, doors, skylights, or interior demountable walls for your projects.  There is a movement within the architectural community for more collaboration at the design phase, which maximizes budgets, production and install schedules.

NCGMA represents union commercial glazing contractors and manufacturers in the San Francisco – Bay Area and parts of Nevada.  NCGMA is one of the finishing trades that falls under the association umbrella of Northern California Allied Trades (NCAT).  The other trade is the Northern California Painters and Finishing Contractors which covers commercial and industrial painting.

The normal course of “build-to-specs” is followed by our contractors.  A recent case study of the design and construction of a fitness facility where the use of space was mostly likely not taken into consideration in the design phase resulted in a costly fix and frustrated owners and end users.  In this particular case, a decorative and custom curtain wall system was installed in the interior of the fitness club as an aesthetic design feature.  However, there were significant air gaps between the mullions, the walls, and also the floor, which allowed a tremendous amount of noise from smoothie machines, people talking, and loud microphones to filter into the rooms.  These rooms were being used for meditation, Pilates and yoga.

The benefit of bringing in expert glazing contractors in the initial design phase would have mitigated this situation entirely.  The architect would have been advised of the best and most proper materials to use for what the space was designed for.

To help mitigate future instances of this type of circumstances, NCGMA has enlisted Mary Loumeau, Allied Member and Director of Marketing and Member Services to connect architects with glazing experts to work together at the beginning of the design phase—before possible costly fixes have to come in after construction has begun.

Mary is a recent transplant from Virginia.  The long, cold winters and extremely hot and humid summers finally took a toll and with her husband and two young children, they moved to the Bay Area.  She has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in international business from James Madison University and participated in a one year study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan.  She has checked running the Marine Corps Marathon off her bucket list and looks forward to participating in local, short races.  Mary has a great appreciation for music and the arts, distinctive architecture, travel and is a self-professed food, wine and coffee enthusiast.


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