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Larry Mortimer, AIA

A few years ago I purchased a gadget called Pantone Color Cue that I thought was pretty cool.  It could scan any color and it would give me the Pantone and RGB equivalents. The problem with it was to take a reading you needed to be right on the sample (fine for graphic artists but not always good for architects).  Also the interface was not very good, and it was bit pricy (a discontinued version sells for around $350 and a new model goes for over $600). Cone is an iOS app by Kushagra Agarwal that does everything Color Cue did but with more style and for much less money.

Samples of Screen 1

What Does It Do: Cone uses your iOS device’s camera to scan anything (I mean anything and from any distance) and it gives you the equivalent Hex, RGB or Pantone color.

Screen 2

What does it cost: $1.99

How Does it Work: Simply place the cursor circle over any part of the image on your iOS device and see a real-time sample of the color, a color name, and Hex color at the bottom of the screen (see Screen 1 samples).  To save the color simply tap the color sample and swipe up from the bottom to see a new screen with all saved colors (see Screen 2).  In the new screen you can tap on any saved color to see a third screen showing a range of lighter & darker versions of the selected color plus it’s Hex, and RGB values and the two closest Pantone colors (see Screen 3).

Screen 3

Conclusion: What I really love about this app is it’s simple interface (no need to read a manual here) and if my iPhone’s in my pocket the app already with me.  Also I like that you can be close to the sample target or be hundreds of feet away and still capture a color.

The only drawback I see to this app is that it only works on an iOS device.  The only Android app I found that seems to be similar to Cone is Color Picker by Ratonera, Inc.  If anyone has used Color Picker or knows of a similar Android app, please let me know.

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