Ignition Architecture: Firm Profile

Ignition Architecture is an imaginative, woman-owned design firm that’s passionate about vibrant, creative design solutions and responsive, professional service. We thrive on tailoring unique, warm and green modern designs to our residential client’s specific needs and dreams.

Founded by Veronica Hinkley Reck, AIA, in 2005, we bring two decades of know-how and award-winning spark to every project. We offer a full range of design services to the entire East Bay through our offices in downtown Alameda, and from our office in San Francisco’s lively Dogpatch neighborhood.

Our team enjoys rolling up their sleeves and diving into the design process, which encompasses a collaborative search for creative, economical, and sustainable solutions that are responsive to the client’s program and budget. We believe that good modern architecture should be inspirational to those who experience it.  We nimbly work with clients of any size, from the individual single-family homeowner to large-scale development teams.

Ignition’s projects vary widely in scope, complexity, content and type. We succeed at integrating client’s needs with contemporary issues of design, technology, and environmental awareness. Our diverse portfolio includes: affordable housing, market-rate/mixed-use multifamily projects, private single-family homes, commercial offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, community centers, and civic projects.

Our single-family residential portfolio includes a range of projects, from modest bathroom and kitchen remodels to larger, high-end additions and new, ground-up houses. We take pleasure in working with individual clients, creating a design that speaks to them and their unique needs, then guiding them through all phases of design and construction. We act as a resource to all our clients while navigating complex entitlements and permitting processes, as well as investigating new materials and construction methods.

At Ignition we believe that design is a team effort and a synergetic process. No matter how large or small the project is, we work closely with the client, municipalities, and project stakeholders to meet their project goals. We involve our clients at every step of the way, from concept through construction, resulting in designs that often exceed client expectations.

Ignition Architecture is certified as a small, local and emerging business (SLEB) in Alameda County, and a woman-owned, small, local business enterprise (WBE/SBE/LBE) in San Francisco. We have a wealth of experience both as Prime Architect and as Associate Architect. This flexibility in our teaming approach is particularly useful for helping our clients achieve the SBE requirements of San Francisco’s OCII and those meeting SLEB goals in Alameda County.

Ignition’s team of architects and designers are enthusiastic about good design. If you are looking for a fun group of people to enliven your small or large project, get in touch with us at Ignition Architecture.

Octavia Court HUD 811 Affordable Housing; Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Photo credit: Treve Johnson Photography

Clipper Residence, San Francisco, CA. Photo credit: Ignition Architecture

Monkey Bars eco-friendly childrens store, Alameda, CA. Photo credit: Ignition Architecture


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