CoolTechStuff: Contour

Larry Mortimer, AIA

If any of you are Sci-Fi fans you may remember a movie from 2000 called Red Planet.  Not a great movie, but not a bad one either.  What I remember most about it was a cool gadget that mapped the inside of an alien structure.  Well here is a new gadget from Pittsburgh-based startup, Kaarta called Contour that will do almost the same thing.  If you’re interested in seeing the movie you can rent it on Amazon Prime or see it on Netflix (DVD only) – it’s full of other cool devices too.

What Does It Do:  Contour scans the interior or exterior of a building in real time and produces a 3D mapped model of the space/structure.

What does it cost:  Don’t know yet.

When will it be available:  Don’t know yet.

How Does it Work:  This lightweight, battery-powered, hand-held device uses a circular LIDAR (light imaging, detection, and ranging) scanner to record a space or structure as you walk through or around it. It does this quickly and in real time (a 110,000 sq ft space can be scanned in about 2.5 hours).  As you scan, a 7” touchscreen display shows you what has been scanned and what still needs to be scanned, so you don’t leave the site with incomplete information.  Contour scans distances up to 20 meters (65’), and exports the 3D model in Point Cloud Model formats (.ias and .ply) that can be imported into many CAD programs.

Conclusion:  Contour looks like an ideal device for architects to quickly scan interiors and exteriors of buildings, as well as building sites. There are several companies working on similar 3D mapping devices but where Contour stands out is its ability to do the mapping in real time, and display a visual image of the data on the touchscreen so you can instantly see if you missed anything.

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