Disruption in Design Workflow

Free and open to all. Lunch provided by Ideate, Inc.
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BIM is changing the way architecture firms must approach the design process, and it’s yielding fantastic results.

During this presentation, learn why it is no longer necessary for teams to spend the majority of the project schedule in documentation. Explore how BIM tools, such as Revit, will give you more time to:

  • identify client needs
  • review design options
  • use technical data to evaluate solutions
  • streamline the design for greater efficiency and lower client costs

About The Presenter:

Laura Kay Smith, Design Technology Manager, ZFG Architects, has been on the technology management side of architecture for over 20 years, both as a business consultant and an in-house expert. She develops and helps firms use technology to create better design. As a thought and technology leader, Laura brings new approaches that help architectural teams transform technology and design challenges into opportunities for innovation and practice excellence.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Laura moved to Vancouver, BC Canada in January 2011. Laura has contributed to the advancement of BIM in Vancouver by being a part of CanBIM, SmartBIM, conferences, and user groups. As the author of the blog, BIMFreak and the ebook, “How to Be a BIM Advocate,” Laura is a valuable resource for implementing and starting BIM. She has the expertise to guide all levels of BIM users toward successful and future-proof technology solutions.

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