AIAEB Members in Public Service

This list recognizes current AIA East Bay members who are participating in public service. The values and benefits of public work are numerous, and we would like to acknowledge the important work that our members do for their communities.

State of California

Tian Feng, FAIA-California Architects Board (Director)
Erick Mikiten, AIA-California Building Standards Committee
Steven Winkel, FAIA-California Building Standards Committee
Barry Williams, AIA-California Architects Board (Ethics)


Maggie Maiers, AIA – Harbor Bay Isle Owner’s Association


Erik Giesen-Fields, AIA – Planning & Zoning Commission


Burton P. Edwards, AIA – Design Review Committee

Caitlin Lempres Bostrom, AIA – Berkeley Parks & Waterfront

Gene Metz, AIA – U.C.B. College of Environmental Design, Mentor Program (Arch)

Reeve Gould, AIA – Board, I-House, U.C.B. Founding Trustee, Cal Performances, Berkeley Symphony Advisory Board

James Goring, AIA – Design Review Committee

Charles F. Kahn, AIA – Zoning Adjustments Board


Alissa A. McNair, AIA – Planning Commission


Bassam Altwal, Assoc. AIA – Planning Commission

Contra Costa County

Gene Metz, AIA – John Marsh Historic Trust, President


Newell Arnerich, AIA – City Council

Christ Trujillo, AIA – Heritage Resource Commission, Design Review Board (alternate)

El Cerrito

Glenn Wood, AIA – Design Review Board

Christophe S. Laverne, AIA – Design Review Board


Theresa Ballard, AIA – President of the Board of Directors,  Abode Service


Don Dommer, AIA – Board Member, Fire Protection District


Anko Chen, AIA – Design Review Board

Ritch J. Voss, AIA – Design Review Board


Neal A. Pann, AIA – Planning Commission


Maureen Behrendt, AIA – Design Review Committee

Paul Brendon Kelly, AIA – Planning Commission


Rebecca Schnier, AIA – Vice-Chair, Council on Architecture, Oakland Museum

Helene Vilett, AIA – Secretary, Council on Architecture, Oakland Museum

Michael Coleman, AIA – Museum Tour Chair, Council on Architecture, Oakland Museum

Ken Lowney, AIA – Board Chair, Oakland Chamber of Commerce


Rich Bartlett, AIA – Public Works Aesthetic Review Committee


Timothy Banuelos, AIA – Mayor Pro Tem, City Council

Pleasant Hill

Richard C. Stanton, AIA – Architectural Review Board


Andrew Butt, AIA – Planning Commission

Tom Butt, FAIA – Mayor, Representative of Richmond on the West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee, Representative of Richmond on the Water, Emergency Transit Authority Citizens Advisory Committee

Kimberly Butt, AIA – Historic Preservation Committee

San Ramon

Judy Hemmingway, AIA – Architecture Review Board

Warren Fujimura, AIA – Architecture Review Board

Walnut Creek

Phillip Volkmann, AIA – Design Review Commission (Chair)


Have we missed someone who should be on this list? If so, please contact us.