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ArchNews is the monthly newsletter of AIA East Bay, highlighting members, projects and firms. Regular columns include Codes (by Erick Mikiten, AIA and Kerwin Lee, AIA); Green (by Judhajit Chakraborty, Assoc. AIA); and CoolTechStuff (by Larry Mortimer, AIA).

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ArchNews Committee/Editors
Harry Jacobs, AIA, Chair
Devi Dutta-Choudhury, AIA
Laile Giansetto, AIA
Larry Mortimer, AIA
Sidney Sweeney
Contributing Writers
Judhajit Chakraborty, Assoc. AIA
Kerwin Lee, AIA
Erick Mikiten, AIA

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2018 Issue Archive

January 2018

Issue Project Firm Member Allied Codes
Jan-18 Glimmer By Variable Projects MI Architects, Inc. Shifan Deng,
Assoc. AIA
2017 and Beyond


Issue Emerging Professionals Green CoolTechStuff Other
Jan-18 Center for Environmental
Studies at Bishop O’Dowd
High School
Solar Squared

2017 Issue Archive

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April 2017
March 2017 Digital
March 2017
February 2017
January 2017

Issue Project Firm Member Allied Codes
December-17 The Backhouse: Barbara K. Westover, AIA Knapp Architects Liesel Heldane, Assoc. AIA Accessible Path of…Exit…Route…?
November-17 Megan Carter, AIA of CB Design Goring & Straja  Len Freeman, Assoc. AIA Tiny Homes
October-17  Mexpo International WARE Mercedes E. Harris, Assoc. AIA
September-17 Eviva Mission Bay, LDA Architects, Inc. Cooley Architectural Corporation Rebecca Ivans Amato, AIA: Living and Designing With Purpose Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE)
August-17 San Ramon Custom Home Cheng + Snyder  Juta Cinco, Assoc. AIA
July-17 Daniel M Swain, Architect Ignition Architecture Matthew Cortez, Assoc. AIA  Mary Loumeau, Allied Member Building Code and Spell Check
June-17 Belmont Country Homes Studio T-Square Jack Herbert, AIA Silence of the Codes
May-17 The Architects Office Shelterwerk David Green, AIA Ratchet Up Your Parking
April-17 Cheng+Snyder Hilliard Architects Nicole Stine, Assoc. AIA Safety Only Starts With the Codes
March-17 Saikley Architects Catamount Design Sriram Ramakrishnan, Assoc. AIA All Gender Restrooms
Feb-17 ELS Architecture Taecker Planning and Design Rex Crabb, Assoc. AIA A Social History of Accessibility
Jan-17 Devi Dutta Architcture, Inc. The KPA Group Zachary Wong Assoc. AIA Scott Malloy, Allied Member 1001 bit Pro


Issue Emerging Professionals Green CoolTechStuff Other
December-17 Does Your Building Pass the Lick Test? ArchiCalc Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Training
November-17 Colored Photovoltaics Post-Disaster Safety Assessment Training
October-17 American Hardwoods Species Guide Call for Submissions: Grant for Housing Innovation
September-17 SunShares Makes NOW a Great Time to Add 100% Renewable Electricity Seek thermal Compact Call for Submissions: Grant for Housing Innovation
August-17 Want to help restore a healthy climate? Contour Featured Event: Highspeed Rail in Europe – Lessons Learned
July-17 Photosynthetic Materials Presentation Ushers In Renewed AIA East Bay COTE Cone – Live Color Picker The Power of Design (and Designers): Architecture Camp with the Fam 1st Foundation
June-17 USB-? 2017 Grant for Housing Innovation: Affordability by Design
May-17 Zera The AIA Releases the 2017 AIA Contract Documents
April-17 Firm Tours Travel Apps
March-17 EP Firm Tour: Shah Kawasaki Architects Rocketbook Leadership Letter by Matt Taecker, AIA
Feb-17 ARE 5.0 Means Big Decisions for Emerging Professionals Smart Bricks Letter to the Editor
Jan-17 Help Your Candidates Transition to ARE 5.0 1001 bit Pro Presidents’ Letters

2016 Issue Archive

November 2016
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016
July 2016
June 2016
May 2016
April 2016
March 2016
February 2016
January 2016

Topic Archives

 Issue  Project Firm Member Allied Codes
Nov-16 M I Architects, Inc. RATCLIFF How to Design Outside the Code II
Oct-16 Rebecca Schnier Architecture Bendrew Jong, FAIA, Architects & Associates How to Design Outside the Code
Sept-16 Biggs Group Barry and Wynn Architects, Inc. Don’t Always Stick to the Rules
Aug-16 Cooley Architectural Corporation LDA Architects, Inc. Robabeh Sarvi, Assoc. AIA New State Code — 2016 Edition
July-16 Tolbert Design Architects AJS Architecture / Planning The View From Here
Jun-16 Architects at the Sea Ranch Peter B. Harmon, AIA Planning+Architecture Jeremy Hoffman, Assoc. AIA It’s All in the Numbers
May-16 Graff Architects SKL Associates, Inc. Ruth Vallejos, AIA Square Dance – Accessible Doors
Apr-16 Gensler Jim Gibbon, AIA Christo DaSilva AIA Electrical Vehicle Charger Space (EV Space) and Stations (EVCS)
Mar-16 Alexander Jermyn Architecture Amato Architecture Tyler Gleeson Kobik, AIA Counter Measures
Feb-16 The Architects Office Sidell Pakravan Tyler Mavichien, Assoc. AIA Exit Stairways and Ramps Terminologies
Jan-16 Perpetual Adoration Chapel Holy Trinity Catholic Church SBM Design Chris Trujillo What’s in a Symbol?


 Issue  Emerging Professionals Green CoolTechStuff
Nov-16 NCARB Releases ARE 5.0 Study Resources Tenant Star – The New Energy Star for Tenants Theodolite 5.0
Oct-16 NCARB Releases ARE 5.0 Study Resources WELL and LEED Go Hand in Hand what3words
Sept-16 Architect-in-Training—soon to be an allowed title? Artveoli
Aug-16 ARE Trivia Night, A Great Mixer BREEAM US and Future of LEED EBOM Sun Seeker
July-16 Understanding the ARE 5.0 Divisions: Practice Management vs. Project Management Of LEED and Landlord/Tenants Scala
Jun-16 Understanding the New AXP: Construction & Evaluation Artificial Reality
May-16 An Inside Look at the New IDP: Practice Management Recent Developments in LEED v3 and v4 OLO
Apr-16 Understanding the New AXP: Project Planning & Design Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) Profile Builder 2
Mar-16 Seventeen Experience Levels Realigned into Six Maker Faire
Feb-16 NCARB to Rename the Intern Development Program Emerging Technologies and Resources for Photovoltaics Desktop Fabrication
Jan-16 The Path to Licensure: an Overview of ARE 5.0 and IDP 2016 Red List Building Materials and Living Building Challenge 3D Printer Replacement

2015 Issue Archive

December 2015
November 2015

October 2015
September 2015
August 2015
July 2015
June 2015
May 2015
April 2015
March 2015
February 2015
January 2015

Topic Archives

Issue Project Firm Member Allied Codes
Dec-15 San Rafael Medical Office Building (MOB) Opticos Design  Occupancy Classifications
Nov-15  OHASHI DESIGN STUDIO  PRA Brett Snyder, AIA   Joe Lazzaretto for TREX
Oct-15  Gloria Ferrer Tasting Room More Than Construction, Inc. Paul O. Nabena Assoc. AIA Berkeley City Ordinance on Balconies
Sep-15 Monteverde Senior Apartments Fischer Architecture Binh Lam, Assoc. AIA
Aug-15 Amato Architecture Baran Studio Jay W. Janda, AIA The Codes are a Sign of the Times
Jul-15 Norman D. Hooks/Architecture Devi Dutta Architecture Haena Kim, Assoc. AIA
Jun-15 Rod Kelley Elementary Library – Gilroy Unified School District – Gilroy, CA Miroglio Architecture + Design : John J. Amanat, AIA 25th Anniversary of the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA)
May-15 Residential Addition and Remodel in Alameda Madwyck Suzanne Hearn Meyer, Assoc. AIA Doors in Privately Funded Housing
Units under Chapter 11A
Apr-15 MCA Architecture David Schell, AIA  Fox Marble’s FM Distributing Emergency Escape and Rescue
Windows – Section 1029.1 of the CBC
and Section R310 of the CRC of the
2013 editions
Mar-15 Sheet Metal Workers Local 104
Apprentice Training Facility
Menzi Architecture Darian G. Mason, Assoc. AIA  Techlinea Keeping Up With the Codec
Feb-15  NINO RESIDENCE, San Francisco, CA  Gyroscope, Inc.   Julia Mandell, Assoc. AIA  Patcraft  Fire Protected Openings
Jan-15  Fremont Custom Home  Ark Studio West  Fai Chong, Assoc. AIA  Bedrosians Tile & Stone  Elevator Lobbies


Emerging Professionals Green CoolTechStuff Tours Other
Dec-15 ARE 2016: Hit the Ground Running New Input Devices UC Berkeley Art Museum
Nov-15  Overhauled IDP Goes Into Effect June 2016  Sound That Chills! -Thermoacoustics  Glowforge 3D Laser Cutter/Engraver RATCLIFF Completes Projects for San Jose State and Stanford
Oct-15 Plan Your Path to ARE 5.0 Daylight Redirecting Film The Rolly Keyboard 21st Amendment Brewery Tour Bonnie Blake- Drucker, FAIA, Sam Davis, FAIA, Rachel Lee, AIA
Sep-15 SketchUp Layout for
Construction Documents
Planning & Design for Wellness and Mental Health in Schools
Aug-15 The Flexlab at LBNL:
The Worlds Most Advanced Building Efficiency Test Bed
SketchUp 2015 Hands-On:Layout Home Tours 2015 Second Annual Youth Architecture Camp
Jul-15 Prepare for the ARE with AIA East Bay Internet of Things iPro Lens System Transbay Transit
Jun-15 NCARB Tackles the Great “Intern” Title Debate An Introduction to the WELL Building Standard HP Sprout BKBC Architects
May-15 Changes to IDP Personal Comfort Systems – Unique Chair Developed
by Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley
Office Lens Christopher
“Kit” Ratcliff, FAIA, Dan Wetherell,
AIA, Mike Matson, AIA,  Christopher
Naughton, AIA
Apr-15 ARE Seminar: Building Systems PPA/Solar lease for Your Photovoltaic System
Think Before You Leap
USB Angela Brooks, FAIA
‘Architects and Cities’
Mar-15 New Building Material that Eats Smog Google Earth Pro Hafsa Burt, AIA Wins the AIA Young Architects Award
Feb-15  What to Plan for in 2015  Architectlure for Humanity Shuts Down   SketchUp Mobile Viewer
Jan-15  Daytime Radiative Cooling — Passive Cooling During Day  Adjustable Glif  Frank Fuller, FAIA


2014 Issue Archive

November 2014
October 2014
September 2014
August 2014
July 2014
June 2014
May 2014
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014
January 2014

Topic Archives

Issue Project Firm Member Allied Codes
Nov-14 West Berkeley Public Library Alexander Jermyn Architecture Joel Agustin, International Assoc. AIA Code Changes and Standard Plans
Oct-14  Miroglio Architecture + Design  PSM Architectural Services Michael Myers, AIA Earthquake Reminder
Sep-14 William Wood Architects Ruffin Architecture & Interiors John Quiter, AIA Fire Separation Distance
Aug-14 Daniel Hoy, AIA Rebecca Schnier Architecture Alexis Karolides, AIA The Codes are a Sign of the Times
Jul-14 JSWD Architects Norman D. Hooks/Architecture Cliff Moser, AIA
Jun-14 Ranft Residence, Stacy Eisenmann Architecture Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors Lindsey A. Moder, AIA Greener Buildings
May-14 Jean & Duncan McDuffie Estate, Fischer Architecture Harriman Kinyon Architects, Inc. Matthew Enering, Assoc. AIA Open Access Stairways
Apr-14 Urban Design Innovations Adam Marcus, AIA Type IIIA/VA over Type IA Construction
Mar-14 Havenscourt School Based Health Center, Byrens Kim Design Works Dougherty + Dougherty Architects LLP Cheryl Lima, Assoc. AIA Emergency Escape/Rescue Windows
Feb-14 Cordes Ranch Business Park, David Babcock & Associates Arcsine Architecture Halle Hagenau, Assoc. AIA Life Safety for Disabled
Jan-14 Bendrew Jong, FAIA Ryan Natividad, Assoc. AIA Michael McCutcheon, McCutcheon Construction Plumbing Fixtures


Emerging Professionals Green CoolTechStuff Tours Other
Nov-14 Monthly Mixer Brown: Forever or Lessons Learned? Ziess VR One Mayoral Candidates Forum: The Future of Oakland’s Built Environment
Oct-14 Arrette Scale AIA Mobile

Infill Development

Sep-14 FYI: Important Summer NCARB Announcements The New HOT Thing in Renewables – Sewage Scribble
Aug-14 Smart and Innovative Facade Systems Amazon Glacier 2014 AIA East Bay Home Tour
Jul-14 The Road to ARE 5.0 CONCEPT Youth Architecture Camp
Jun-14 New Title-24 2013 Codes AGA App 2014 Home Tours Michael J. Bocchicchio, AIA, in memoriam
May-14 Intern Uncertainty GIMP Water Conservation / Blackwater Use
Apr-14 CASE Project 2014 NODE App Spatial Daylight Autonomy / Annual Sunlight Exposure
Mar-14 3Doodler Temple Sinai, Kaiser Permanente
Feb-14 Revit VRF/VRV for Building Retrofits Structure Sensor John Karnay, The Grubb Co., Inc. Sponsor Profile
Jan-14 Rolling Clock Deadline PV Light Harvesting POP vs. IMAP Harrison Fraker, Assoc. AIA, Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education

2013 Issue Archive
December 2013
November 2013
October 2013
September 2013
August 2013
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013
April 2013
March 2013
February 2013
January 2013

Topic Archives

Issue Project Firm Member Allied
Dec-13 Boys & Girls Club of Alameda LDA Architects Richard Bartlett Architect, AIA Dan Johnson, Assoc. AIA Shae Wilder, Riggs Distributing
Nov-13 Truck Leasing and Service Facility, Thornton Weiler, AIA FCGA Architecture Kerstin Fischer, AIA Bob Murelli, Turner Construction
Oct-13 Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Choi + Robles Architecture Andrew Lee Architect Sophie Buchite, Assoc. AIA Tom Simmons, ArchVista
Sep-13 Family Retreat, Studio Bergtraun, AIA Architects Levitch Associates James Wilson, Assoc. AIA Derrick Dinelli, Simpson Strong-Tie
Aug-13 Holiday Inn, Irvine Spectrum: SKL Associates Forster Associates Architects Paul LaBerge, Assoc. AIA William L. Coggshall, Archer Norris
Jul-13 Albany House, Howard McNenny, Architect Stein Architects Scott Lee, Assoc. AIA Ben Dutere, Wall & Ceiling Bureau
Jun-13 Pacifica Residence, Rouch Design + Architecture Valley Architects Cindy Bustamente, Assoc. AIA Shannon Hackley, Shannon-Liegh Associates
May-13 Sierra Home, Peter B. Harmon, AIA WA Design Anthony Grand, AIA Tony DeJohn, CSI, Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors
Apr-13 FACT Permanent Housing, Struthers Dias Architects Maggie Maiers, Architect AIA Jack McGillis, AIA
Mar-13 Saving the John Marsh House, Part 1 Ohashi Design Studio Kenneth Hasegawa, Assoc. AIA
Feb-13 West Oakland Specific Plan, JRDV International Thornton Weiler, AIA Tubay Yabut, Photography
Jan-13 Henley Architects + Associates Lindy Small, AIA Mark Meredith, Robles, Castles & Meredith
Codes Green CoolTech Other Other
Dec-13 Never-Ending Process California’s Second Best Sigmo
Nov-13 LEEDv4 Nest Protect Sandford Hirshen, in memorium The Birth of Green
Oct-13 Detectable Warnings Envelope Design, Part 2 doorbot How Architecture Students can PAVE their Financial Path
Sep-13 Buildings wihin a Donut: Landlocked Buildings Envelope Design, Part 1 Interaction of Color E. James Smith, in Memoriam Home Tours 2013
Aug-13 Stair Widths Under 2013 CBC EFTE Systems for Architecture Adobe Kuler Martin Borenstein, In Memoriam Habitat for Humanity Build Day
Jul-13 2013 CBC: Additions & Alterations, Exceptions August Repositioning: Giving the Members a Voice
Jun-13 Accessibility Requirements for Alterations World’s First Algae-Powered Building Instant Roof The One-Bay Town Hall Meeting
May-13 Sprinkler Protected Glass Systems Paolo Soleri Handy Photo
Apr-13 Dimensional Differences Maker Faire 2013 Words of Wisdom for Emerging Professionals Saving the John Marsh House, Part 2
Mar-13 Non-separated Occupancies Displacement & Natural Ventilation Measure Map 3.0
Feb-13 2010 ADA Standards for Publicly/Privately Funded Housing & Home Offices VAV & Radiant Systems snapseed Peter Jacobsohn, AIA, in memoriam
Jan-13 The Color of Detectable Warnings Envelope & Systems: Heat Loss is Good ProClip Michael Pyatok, FAIA, Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture


2012 Issue Archive

December 2012
November 2012
October 2012
September 2012
August 2012
July 2012
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May 2012
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March 2012
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