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Leadership & Committees

2017 Committees
The AIA East Bay Chapter committees provide an opportunity for interested individuals to become involved in the work of the Chapter and to work with others to pursue issues and interests. Get involved with a committee–email Sidney Sweeney.

If you would like to contact the chair of any committee please email the chapter office for contact info.

Communications Committee

Edits and organizes publishing of ArchNews, the monthly newsletter of the Chapter, for purpose of informing Chapter members and the public of upcoming meetings, professional seminars, Chapter and AIA activities and other items of interest. Oversees regular print and electronic communications. Open to all chapter members.

            Chair: Harry Jacobs, AIA

Committee on the Environment

Reinstating in 2017! Interested in participating? Contact Phillip Luo, AIA.

            Chair: Phillip Luo, AIA

Design Awards         

The AIA East Bay Design Awards program recognizes and celebrates design excellence in the Bay Area, California, and beyond. The Design Awards Chair is responsible for overseeing the program’s direction and budget, selecting the jury members, developing the Call for Entries, and facilitating the jury meeting and awards presentation. In addition, the Design Awards Chair works with staff to promote Design Award winners in the local media and continue to dialogue of design excellence with the public.  The 2017 Design Awards will be held in the Fall.

            Chair: Douglas Wittnebel, AIA      

Design Tours

The Design Tours Committee identifies and organizes monthly tours of notable projects in and around the East Bay. Open to all chapter members.

            Chair: Michael McCutcheon, Allied Member       

Emerging Professionals Committee            

Focusing on building a community among licensure candidates, architecture students, and young design professionals, this group addresses the professional needs and concerns of Bay Area Associate members. This committee works with local emerging professionals organizations to maximize the value of the AIA for associates and licensure candidates. It also organizes events and programs of interest to unlicensed professionals and students. Open to all.

            Chairs: Paul Nabena, Assoc. AIA and Jeremy Hoffman, AIA

Fellows Committee   

The Fellows Committee aids in the selection of appropriate Chapter members for advancement to fellowship according to criteria established by AIA. Supports and advises fellowship candidates in materials preparation.

            Chairs: Rosemary Muller, FAIA, Benjamin Fisher, FAIA and Bonnie Blake-Drucker, FAIA

Homes Tour Committee      

Responsible for developing the AIA East Bay Homes Tour, scheduled for August 12, 2017. Interested chapter members, please contact Sidney Sweeney.

Co-chairs: Chris Coffee, AIA and Miya Muraki, AIA


Regional & Urban Design Forum  

The AIA East Bay Regional and Urban Design Forum (RUD) aims to improve the quality of the urban environment of East Bay cities and surrounding areas by promoting excellence in urban design, land use and transportation planning, public policy, and implementation in the built and natural environment. This will be achieved through education of its member and the public, in concert with allied community and professional groups; and as appropriate, by providing design and planning assistance to communities of the greater East Bay. Open to all.

            Chair: Matt Taecker, AIA, AICP  


Small Firm Forum   

Organizes and conducts discussion among small firm principals about relevant issues of practice within the design and construction industry. Meets the first Thursday of the month at Noon in the chapter office. Open to all. Non-member fee $3; sodas are provided.

            Chairs: Maggie Maiers, AIA, Linda Randolph, AIA and Donald Wardlaw, AIA       


Young Architects Forum

Open to all architects licensed in the past ten years. Meets the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm (usually).

             Chair: Timothy Nystrom, AIA

2017 Board of Directors

Winston Win, AIA

President Elect
Mark Steppan, AIA

Douglas Frazier, AIA

Devi Dutta-Choudhury, AIA
Susi Marzuola, AIA
Robert Murelli, Allied Member
Matthew Taecker, AIA
Kim-Van Truong, AIA

Associate Directors
Jeremy Hoffman, Assoc. AIA
Paul Nabena, Assoc. AIA

Executive Director
Sidney Sweeney