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Sogno Design Group

Sogno Design Group
Berkeley, CA
Remodel: 2016

Photographer: Sean-Paul Luchin

A heroic remodel allowed a family of five, plus grandparents, to remain in the city of Berkeley, in a walk-able neighborhood near school, grocery stores and BART.  The original home was small and ruined by many cheap remodels: erasing any historical details, cutting up the interior into a rabbit warren of spaces, lowering ceilings from the original 10 feet to random, uncomfortable heights. It had a second dwelling unit in the rear yard that had no cross ventilation and when visited by the disabled grandfather, disconnected him from the family because of the many steps up to the main house.

The architect’s design solution was to demolish the separate unit and provide a second-story addition of living quarters over the existing main level. The rear yard was enlarged because of the demolition of the rear dwelling unit, making for a much more enjoyable and usable family-friendly space.