Canyon Repose

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Canyon Repose
Built: 1937
Renovation: 2014
Architect: Kuth Ranieri Architects
Photographer:Matthew Millman


This 1937 home at the base of Claremont Canyon had been remodeled so many times that its original bones were hard to see. Kuth Ranieri Architects worked with the owners, a pair of scientists, to make the space feel like the family has lived there for decades.

Every room holds a unique touch that tells a story. Each space was carefully considered to maximize its connection to the landscape beyond, while maintaining privacy from the street. On the main floor, the living room, dining room and kitchen were reconfigured to create a more contemporary open flow between rooms, allowing the spaces to accommodate large holiday gatherings and everyday family dinners. By opening up the rooms, the main stairs became a focal point. The new stairs and custom handrail were detailed with wood cut outs that represent a DNA molecule, in a nod to the husband’s scientific field.

Family and food are central to the couple’s lifestyle. The updated kitchen features a fold down platform positioned at the perfect height for the wife’s pastry-making hobby. Two sinks accommodate several pairs of hands to work on big meals. A new back addition enlarged a once dark family room and created a cozy, quiet space with a view for family members to recharge. The room also closes off for guests and includes a private bathroom. Above, a new second floor deck features a hot tub where one can enjoy the tranquility of the secluded canyon location.

The new street façade creates a dynamic and unique front in keeping with the complexity of the existing patio. The wife’s background in landscape architecture led to careful plant selections and excavations. The result is a comfortable family home intertwined with its surroundings.