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Member Firms

The AIA East Bay is a great resource if you are thinking of hiring an architect. We provide referrals to experienced architects for members of the public. Please call 510/464-3600 or email us to tell us a bit about your project, and we’ll send you the referral within 48 hours.

Our membership is composed of individual and firm members. Below is a list of AIA East Bay Member Firms. Firms with single-family residential work included in their portfolios are indicated by (R).

This list is current as of 9/3/2018

A.J. Moore Associates (R)

AD Architects (R)

Acuff Architecture

AJS Architecture / Planning (R)

Alexander Jermyn Architecture (R)

Allen Architects, Inc.

Al-Yassin & Associates

Amato Architecture (R)

Andre Pierce Architecture (R)

Andrew Lee Architecture (R)

Architectural & Inspection Services

Architectural Network (R)

ArcPath Project Delivery

Arkin Tilt Architects (R)

Banducci Associates (R)

Barry & Wynn Architects (R)

BKBC Architects, Inc. (R)

Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

Byrens Kim Design Works

Catamount Design (R)

Cathy Schwabe Architecture (R)

CB Design

Charles Lee Architect (R)

Choi & Robles Architecture

Chris Lamen & Associates 

Christopher J. Gilman, Architect

clad (R)

Claudia Falconer Architect (R)

Colland Jang Architecture

Community Design & Architecture, Inc.

Cooley Architectural Corporation

Cultivate Design Studio

Dahlin Group Architecture Planning (R)

Daniel Hoy, Architect (R)

Daniel Rainey, AIA, Architect

David Babcock & Associates

de Laveaga Stoops Architecture (R)

Design Draw Build (R)

Devi Dutta Architecture (R)

Dinar & Associates (R)

Douglas A. McQuillan–Architect (R)

Drafting Café (R)

Eisenmann Architecture (R)

Eloyan Architects Ltd.

ELS Architecture & Urban Design

EndreStudio (R)

Faulkner Architects (R)

FCGA Architecture

Fernau & Hartman Architects (R)

First Bay Architecture (R)

Fischer Architecture (R)

Goring & Straja (R)

Govan Associates

Greenbank Associates

Gyroscope Inc.

Harriman Kinyon Architects, Inc. (R)

Henley Architects & Assoc. 

Hilliard Architects


Howard McNenny Architect (R)

Ignition Architecture (R)

Interactive Resources

James B. Jeffery, Architect (R)

James P Gibbon AIA, Architect and Planner (R)

Joel Freeson Carico : Architecture : AIA

John Barton Architect (R)


Johnson Lyman Architects (R)

JRDV Architects, Inc.

JRP Architect (R)

Kattenburg Architects (R)

Koch Architects (R)

Lavenson Design (R)

Lawrence Rugg Architecture (R)

Les Hamanaka, AIA, LEED AP BD+C (R)

Levitch Associates, Inc. (R)

Linea Lab Architects

LNX Architecture Inc.

Lowney Architecture

McClintock Facades Consulting Group

Menzi Architecture

Mervin & McNair Architects (R)

MI Architects, Inc.

Michael Hartigan Architect

Mikiten Architecture (R)

More Than Construction, Inc. (R)

Morimoto Matano Kang Architects (R)

Murakami/Nelson Architectural Corp.

Nana Koami Architect (R)

Napa Design Partners (R)

Norman D. Hooks Architecture (R)

Odell/Robertson Consulting Group

Ohashi Design Studio

Opticos Design, Inc.

Paul Welschmeyer architects & energy

Pete Retondo Architecture (R)

Peter Soldat Architecture (R)

Proven Designs Group (R)

PSM Architects, Inc.

Pyatok Architects

Rae Lynn Fiscalini, Architect, AIA, LEED AP (R)

Ratcliff Architects

R.A.W. Concepts Architecture & Design (R)

Rebecca Schnier Architecture (R)

Richard B Haier, AIA Architect (R)

Roger W. Bass, A.I.A.

rouchDesign + Architecture (R)

Rudolph Widmann Architects (R)

Ruffin Architecture & Interiors (R)

SBM Design (R)

Shah Kawasaki Architects, Inc.

Shelterwerkes Architecture (R)

Sidell Pakravan Architects (R)

Siegel & Strain Architects (R)

SKL Associates, Inc.

Soga & Associates Architects, Inc.

Stirling Architects (R)

Studio Bergtraun AIA, Architects (R)

Studio Urbis (R)

Studio V, Ltd.

Swatt Miers Architects (R)

Taecker Planning & Design

The KPA Group

Tierney Conner Design Studio (R)

Tolbert Design Architects (R)

Trademark Architecture+Interiors (R)

Urban Field Studio

Volkmann Architecture (R)

Ware Associates (R)

Weir/Andrewson Associates, Inc. (R)

Westover Architecture Design (R)

William Wood Architects (R)

YCPLUSD Architecture