Tuesday August 20, 2019  6PM – 8PM
AIA East Bay Offices, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland

Presented by: Steven Winkel
Learning Credits: 2
Admission Cost: AIA East Bay Members $30, Non-Members $60

Discussion of:

  • Changes in Chapter 3 for B occupancy, I occupancies, Care Facilities
  • Chapter 4: changes for high-rise buildings
  • Chapter 9: changes to H occupancies above the 11th floor
  • Section 916 Gas detection systems
  • Chapter 7A: changes to WUI (Wild land Urban Interface) areas
  • L occupancy for Laboratory suites. Changes for L occupancy throughout the CBC
  • OSHPD I-2, I2.1: changes in definitions and other requirements for care suites
  • Chapter 10: Means of Egress changes

Leaning Objectives:

  1. Identify significant changes made in the basic  2018 IBC that are included in the 2019 CBC.
  2. Identify California-specific changes to the 2018 IBC in the 2019 CBC.
  3. Identify the changes made to the 2016 code by interim changes that will be carried forward in the 2019 CBC.
  4. Learn to recognize the impact of the noted changes on practice.

About the presenter:

Steven Winkel, FAIA, PE, CASp manages the San Francisco Bay Area office of The Preview Group, Inc., an architectural consulting firm that specializes in building code consulting and regulatory issues affecting designers. Steve has over 45 years’ experience as a licensed architect, civil engineer, landscape architect and certified access specialist. Steve is the author, along with noted illustrator Frank Ching, of the well‐received book Building Codes Illustrated for John Wiley & Sons, now in its fifth edition. Steve was recently reappointed by California Governor Jerry Brown to his fifth 4‐year term as the Architect Commissioner on the California Building Standards Commission. This commission reviews and approves the California amendments to model codes and publishes the state building construction codes, including California accessibility regulations.

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