5x5x5 Mentorship Program with UC Berkeley and Diablo Valley College

The AIA East Bay is launching a new program for UC Berkeley and Diablo Valley College students. We are asking members to volunteer to the Spring 2021 program and become a mentor for students!

The program will last a full semester, about 15 weeks, with group meetings every three weeks. Five Meetings total over the duration of the semester. A 2 hour start up meeting and then meetings with mentees on a regular basis with no fewer than 1 meeting per month, rotating between each group of five students. The program is designed to be flexible to everyone’s schedules.

Meeting times and places are to be determined by the mentor/mentee groups. We ask that if you do participate, that the commitment to the students be kept.

If you’re interested in being a mentor for future architects, please fill out our short form!

If you are a student who is interested in becoming a mentee and joining our Mentorship Program, please fill out our short form here!