Thank You Harry Jacobs

Yesterday, a chapter in the annals of Arch News came to a quiet close. We are saddened to announce the “retirement” of Arch News Editor-in-Cheif, Harry Jacobs.

In 2004, Harry and Sally Philips (at that time AIA Easty Bay’s Executive Director) restarted Arch News, after a brief hiatus in publication. They recruited Larry Mortimer and Laile Giansetto to round out the emerging Newsletter Committee.

For the past 15 years, Harry has been the one collecting content to fill the pages of Arch News. He tirelessly solicited, wranged, and cajoled newsletter  contributors, allowing for us to put out any kind of publication at all. Harry was also responsible for the input, layout, and assembly during the days when Arch News still came out in print.

The Newsletter Committee’s focus expanded when it became the Communications Committee. Harry continued to prove an invaluable resource, as his vast institutional knowledge of AIA, gained directly from his dedicated involvement at the Chapter, State, and National levels, often helped to shape the Committee’s direction and decision making.

We thank Harry for his commitment to the AIA, our Chapter, and the profession. We at Arch News especially want to thank him for his ceaseless dedication and drive that he brought to first the Newsletter and then the Communications Committee.

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