ADU Panel Night

AIA East Bay hosted an interactive ADU panel Q&A in late November. This event was open to the public and for anyone interested in ADUs. The panel discussion had experts from all phases of process: planning, design, permitting, building, and finance. We also had a client from an architecture firm to join the panel discussion and share her perspective of the process as a homeowner/resident. 

The panel discussion was a success as attendees were eager to learn about what it takes to build and design an ADU. Attendees shared their stories and experiences, learned about changes in state law, and saw how those translated into conditions on the ground in local jurisdictions. 

We would like to thank the panelists for their thoughtful input throughout the night. We would also like to thank everyone for attending this insightful discussion and creating an engaging and welcoming atmosphere. Due to its success and abundance of information to cover, hopefully this panel discussion can turn into a series throughout the next year. 

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