Boris Rapoport: Allied Member Profile

Boris Rapoport, Allied Member

Over the years I have enjoyed helping many architecture firms with their technology problems. I have gained valuable insights into the business and technology challenges of the design and build community.

I wanted to share this experience and expertise with many more architects, to help accelerate your business while utilizing technology to its fullest potential.

That’s how ArchIT was born in my mind. Now it’s out in the world! The vision for building this company is based on my core values of honesty, transparency, integrity and authenticity.

I want to have mutual trust and respect between our clients and us, and value that trust and respect above all else. I treat all my personal and business relationships the same way – I treasure every one of them.How Does ArchIT help?

In today’s world, to be successful and to get a leg up on the competition, your business needs to consider itself a technology company first. The mindset for this would follow the formula of: “We are a technology company that…”

For example, “we are a technology company that works on mechanical engineering projects” or “we are a technology company that helps design and build office spaces.”

The businesses that adopt this mindset will excel in the future, as technology helps you become more agile, efficient and effective at everything you do. However, this becomes another headache for business owners and partners. Although we are now exposed to technology every day in our homes, it can be overwhelming to think about it in our business lives as well, especially when the stakes in business settings are much higher.

The goal of ArchIT MSP 3.0 service is to help business owners of architecture firms is to stop worrying about technology-related issues and focus more on your business and clients. And spend more time doing what you love to do most – help improve our communities with every project.

At a fraction of the cost of hiring internal technology talent, we become your fully staffed IT department. You will get every IT department position, from desktop support to systems administrator, to CIO. Your organization will need these roles at various times, and you will get them on demand, and for one nominal monthly fee.

Also, you will get free access to a standard set of tools and services that are required to run technology operations successfully and keep your business and your data protected, safe and secure.

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