Architecture in the time of Covid Town Hall

00:00 Intro Dean, Ronald Rael
03:33 Tim Nystom – NYS Designs
08:02 Devi Dutta – Dutta Architects
10:30 Janet Tam – Noll & Tam Architects
15:40 Nancy Keenan – Dahlin Group Architecture 20:20 Susi Maruzola – Siegel & Strain Architects 28:46 Morten Jensen – JRDV Urban International 37:25 How did you firms get through the past financial crisis? 43:56 What are the skills Arch firms are looking for right now? 47:58 What skill are specifically most important right now? 52:58 What are the effects of Public Health and Architects? 1:04:54 How can Architecture students best prepare themselves for work? 1:08:06 Are the internships happening now? Remote work? 1:20:21 Final thoughts / Closing remarks

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