Contra Costa Alameda Update April 1

Greetings once again,

Last night both Contra Costa and Alameda Counties updated their shelter in place orders along with Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara, as well as the city of Berkeley. (Link to the Order Here)
Below find the links to the specific orders for Contra Costa and Alameda as well as (inserted below) the specifics of each counties language regarding Construction.
NOTE: This is a moving target and apt to change again. We will continue to provide updates as we get them.
Anyone with specific details about Cities who may be amending this order or are providing other services are encouraged to share as well. Please reply with links so that we can verify before sharing with the AIA East Bay community.
At this point we assume the County mandates are being enforced everywhere in each County in the same way. Please share any exceptions or specifics with us you find for individual cities in your area if relevant.

Contra Costa

Shelter In Place Order
Application & Permit Center Page – specifics on applications and a phone number for questions is provided.
FAQ About the New Mandate –

Cut & Pasted from FAQ on Construction



Alameda Specific Order –
Alameda County Order FAQ :

Excerpts Cut & Pasted from FAQ on Construction

I am midway through a remodel. Can my construction project continue?

Yes. Residential renovation projects of any kind that are currently underway may continue if necessary to a safe, sanitary, and functional home. Likewise, residential remodeling projects that are partly completed may continue if delaying completion would pose a safety, security, or sanitation risk to residents or impact the habitability of the residence.

I have a contractor scheduled to begin a remodel next week. Can I go ahead with the project?
You must defer your remodel or renovation project unless it is necessary to restore your home to a safe, sanitary, and habitable space.



Share by the Oakland Chamber of Commerce

Subject: RE: Alameda County updates and amends shelter in place order


As this situation continues to unfold I wanted to make sure you had access to the City of Oakland’s updated information regarding the County’s revised shelter in place order issued yesterday.

Ed Manasse, Deputy Director over the Planning Bureau: , will be supervising the department on-site as Bill Gilchrist has been assigned to EOC duty.

Barbara Leslie
CEO, Oakland Chamber

Once again we are doing our best to keep you informed of whats happening as things change. We ask for your help in sharing any information you think is helpful to our community.

Mike Wilson
Executive Director

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