What’s Behavior Got To Do With It?

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Free and open to all.
RSVP to events@aiaeb.org.

On October 18, Chris Hammer and Jennifer Tsau will co-present: what’s behavior got to do with it?

As we know, building occupants can turn the performance of a well-designed even zero net energy building upside down. Fortunately, occupancy sensors and other controls do a lot of the heavy lifting. But are they enough? And what about controls for plug loads, in particular? Please join Chris and Jennifer as they discuss how we can we design and operate buildings as well as engage occupants to make sure buildings operate as efficiently as possible.

Chris Hammer is the founder of Building Behavior and a project manager at Brightworks. She combines expertise in building design with how buildings operate–and inspiring occupants to take simple actions to reduce their energy consumption.

Jennifer Tsau is the co-founder and CEO of Keewi Inc, a company combining socially driven energy management tools with IoT and big data to make buildings more efficient. Jennifer is passionate about helping to bring back “blue skies and starry nights” through enabling technology and human interaction to achieve large scale sustainable impact in the world.

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