Directors Roles & Responsibilities


Role of Directors on the AIA East Bay Board

The Board of Directors governs and holds fiduciary responsibility for AIA East Bay. The primary means of governance are:

  • Understanding the mission and history of the organization.
  • Setting policy and providing direction for the organization by establishing a multi-year strategic plan, approval of the annual budget and monitoring financial performance.
  • Hiring and overseeing the Executive Director.

Director’s Obligations

Directors serve a two-year term, renewable if reelected. Board Member responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Supporting the financial sustainability of AIA East Bay

  • Contributing and/or garnering a minimum of $1000.00 in funding.
  • Soliciting personal and professional contacts for financial support.

Performance, Event and Marketing Support

  • Attending, planning and participating in key events and activities such as board meetings, semi-annual meetings and sponsored conferences.
  • Representing and promoting the organization in his/her own community and to the community at large.

Meeting Attendance and Participation

  • Attending a minimum of 11 Board meetings a year. Board meetings are held during regular business hours on a recurring time/day agreed upon by the Board.
  • Maintaining and expanding the organization’s current network of relationships.
  • Serving on a minimum of one Board committee and actively participating in the planning and execution of a minimum of one project or event a year.

What’s in it for you?

Our highest aspiration is to attract Board members who are both committed to the pursuit of design excellence and promoting the innovative work of the AIA East Bay and its members.

If you join us, you will:

  • be inspired by the community and culture built around the AIA East Bay.
  • make new connections and friends with other board members, staff, and the extended AIA East Bay family.
  • gain valuable board member experience


NOTE: Student directors are chosen by the Board of Directors and serve a 1 year term that aligns with the typical school year, usually coming on to our Board in late Spring just prior to Summer break.

Roles of the student director 

  • Be the ‘expert’ of student life and needs
    • ‘Take inventory’ of student concerns and bring it up to board meetings
    • Represent student voice in decisions
  • Provide the necessary input / feedback on student related outreach efforts and events
  • Help publicize student oriented events hosted by AIAEB
  • Attend monthly board meetings

Qualities of an ‘ideal’ student director candidate

  • In a position of student leadership at their school or in a position that allows them to communicate with students to hear what they want/what they’re concerned about
  • Genuinely wants to improve the student experience, bring resources to students, and introduce the connection between the AIA and students 
  • Able to attend monthly board meetings
  • Willing to participate in discussions to bring in a student perspective and consider how to incorporate students into organization’s programming