Firm Profile August 2019

FIRM PROFILE – William Woods Architects

Clocktower Building 301 Hartz Avenue • Suite 203 • Danville, CA 94526

1.     How did your firm get its name?
William Wood Architects was formed in September 1997 after a partnership as Craig & Wood Architects from 1984 was dissolved.

2.     How large is the firm?
 Current Firm size is 5

3.     Where are you located?
William Wood Architects is located at the Clock Tower Building at 301 Hartz Ave. #203, Danville, CA 94526

4.     How did the firm get its start?
After taking a year off in 1984 to build my personal residence (which I still live in). The architect I worked for closed his office, which is when I decided to go into practice.

5.     What is the firm personality?
Being a small firm, our personality is best described as a family atmosphere with half the firm being together for almost 20 years. Our firm is always willing to help clients reach their goals and stay in touch personally throughout the years.

6.     What’s the firm’s focus?
The firms focus is for excellence in every aspect of each project. Listening to our clients needs and dreams and pursuing excellence in quality is always our main focus.

7.     How might the focus of your practice change?
The focus of our practice has changed over the years to accommodate each generation. With over 40 years of evolving clients needs and technological advancements, we have strived to look into the future to retain the timeless characteristics in all of our work.

8.     What’s the most unusual project your firm has done?
The most unusual project was a residence in Alamo, California built in 1994 that had a 42′ cantilever over a 50′ high Oak tree. The site had such a steep slope, 65% of the Residence was in the air (photo attached).

9.     When was the firm established?
William Wood Architects was established September 1997 after 13 years as Craig & Wood Architects established in 1984.

10. What’s your favorite local building?
Our favorite local building (which we designed in 2006) is the Danville Community Center which provides use to the community and is adjacent to the Oak Hill Park. Its exterior balconies cantilever over a small lake for public gatherings and weddings.

11. What is the makeup of your firm and do you have other disciplines?
William Wood Architects is made up of William Wood Architect (licensed in 1983), and two project designers/Managers (Jonathan James & Kieth Le). They are currently going through the licensing process. Our office manager (Carla Pierce) keeps a tight ship for over 15 years and is loved by all our clients, many of them calling and always happy to hear her voice.

12. How is your firm structured?
Our office is structured over the past 20 years with William Wood (principal) meeting with all new clients, working up ideas and main designs with each client, bringing the project designers/managers early on to also work together with each client. Having a small firm allows a close relationship with all our clients from inception to completion.

13. Do you have any office pets?
When time permits, William has a 12 year old border collie adopted from a 3500 acre ranch that used to herd cattle and wild pigs and is now enjoying the easy life.

14. Which method of marketing has been the most successful for the firm?
William Wood Architects has had a continued marketing approach that includes staying in close touch with Contractors, Banks, Real Estate firms and public agencies. We have produced a 50-70 page publication every 12-24 months over the past 20 years of all our work during that time and have sent these out to approximately 1,000 previous and potential clients.

15. How would you describe your firm’s culture?
Our firm has always had a strong internal culture. These attributes include respect, trust, integrity, adaptability, fairness, teamwork, responsibility and accountability.

16. What team building activities happen within your firm?
We believe that good team building activities include every team member has the opportunity to do all aspects of work within the firm, from Design through final construction supervision.

17. What’s your firm’s favorite lunch spot?
Our favorite lunch spot is Bridges Restaurant in Danville. Wonderful atmosphere, the food and service is fabulous.

18. What type of client has been the best to work with?
The type of client that is best to work with allows the Architect to do their job. Communication is key to a successful project and giving each client their dream is by far the greatest satisfaction.

19. How has the practice changed since the beginning?
Our practice has changed dramatically throughout 35 years. Technological advancements have seen the greatest changes. Our clients are now able to see their project in a more 3 dimensional format, making it easy to see their project before construction.

What does the future hold for the firm?
The future of the firm is looking very exciting. We are currently working on numerous projects from a Downtown major renovation of the Danville Clock Tower building into a public plaza to relocating a public agency into a new City Hall. We are continuing to strive for excellence in all our projects. Public projects sometimes bring the greatest reward and satisfaction, since they have the most impact on the Community.