Firm Profile – EISENMANN Architecture

Located in Berkeley, California, EISENMANN Architecture is an eight people firm that focuses on high-end residential. The firm was established in 2007, although it first got its start back in 2005 when Stacy Eisenmann completed her home and decided to launch EISENMANN Architecture. Her commitment to help others successfully navigate the architectural process is what motivated Stacy to start her own firm. Even though the firm got its name from Stacy’s last name, Eisenmann also means Ironman in German. Thus, EISENMANN employees like to joke that their projects should all include iron and/or steel. 

The firm makes sure that they are focused, service oriented, and friendly while working with their clients. They believe that protecting their work culture is as important to Stacy as the work. They enjoy working with people who appreciate Design and all the aspects of it. While EISENMANN Architecture focuses mostly on high-end residential, their focus of practice may change to include more Mixed-use and/or incorporate interiors. One of their most unusual and memorable projects is on Sonoma Square: a wine tasting room with a Speakeasy room.

As an eight people firm, EISENMANN is made up of Architects, Designers, Admin, and Technology. In fact, they regularly work with Virtual Reality. Since the firm has multiple disciplines, their structure consists of one Principal, one Studio Director, three Project Managers, one Production Designer, one Office Manager, one Bookkeeper & HR Director. Also, the team occasionally gets to enjoy the office pet, Stacy’s chocolate Labrador named Nutmeg. The firm enjoys having team-building activities as it positively increases their work culture. Their favorite lunch spot to eat at is Stella Nonna and Lama Beans. Additionally, when they have clusters of projects in construction, the firm will schedule a day of on-going site visits from least to most constructed. They believe it is an opportunity for the whole team to better understand construction from beginning to end, including framing and insulation to finish installation. The team will include their family members and clients to share what they did so they can all celebrate collectively. Hence, EISENMANN Architecture believes the most successful way of marketing for them has been word of mouth. 

From 2007 when the firm was first established to now, EISENMANN Architecture has changed in size, experience, and clients. As for the future, the firm has plans to add one new team member each year. They believe that slow growth will help protect their work culture and quality of their product, while it enables them to be selective of the projects to work on.

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