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Firm Profile

Studio Bergtraun

Established in 1988 Studio Bergtraun, AIA, Architects enjoys working in all aspects of Architecture. The firm portfolio includes a varied typology of projects each informing the other, smaller projects with larger intentions and bigger projects with personal attention to detail

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The scope of work in the studio ranges from residential new construction and remodels to commercial and institutional, including religious buildings, summer camps, retail and offices. Our architecture enhances the indoor/outdoor California lifestyle guiding each project through interior design and detailing through outdoor landscape direction. 

Alex Bergtraun, a Bay Area native and CalPoly SLO graduate has combined extensive international study and work experience in Denmark and Italy designing a wide array of projects in Milan, Tuscany and Sardinia. These years abroad greatly influenced his architectural sensibility and continued worldly travels augment and enrich the Studio design vocabulary.

Studio Bergtraun, AIA, Architects has continually strived to create environments responsive to the client’s program and budget, respectful of the surrounds in which they are sited, and attentive to the creative, functional and eco-friendly use of materials and building techniques.

Sustainability for the studio is a way of life.

Since the early beginnings of the studio a very conscious effort has been made to develop each project with a greater understanding of the context of its surrounding resources.

We strive to create buildings and environments that are “green” at a level that reaches below the surface. Sustainable projects begin with buildings engaging the landscape, both physically and spiritually.

          “Each of us in the office takes Sustainability personally.”

Alex Bergtraun is an Eagle Scout who spent his youth camping and learning to “leave the campsite cleaner than he found it”. As a former CubMaster for 7 years and presently as the Scoutmaster of Troop 6, Alex has been teaching in his off-hours kids 7-18 yrs. of age to be proud shepherds of their environment – and this philosophy permeates our whole Studio with each project we create. 

The Studio initiate the Design Process from the site itself – Some examples:

– We are very proud to be the first Architects to have built projects with geo-thermal cooling/heating in both Palo Alto and Berkeley.

– Our office managed a full creek restoration project as an integral part of the construction of a new Berkeley Synagogue and School complex

– Buildings are oriented in every project for maximum passive solar orientation benefit and are pre-plumbed for future photovoltaic array installations.

– Each building is oriented to take best advantage of existing site breezes and to naturally ventilate spaces as much as possible.

We believe that every building, new and remodeled, must be designed with the sustainability of our planet foremost in mind and Architecture can be a beautiful framework enhancing the lives of those who live and work within and around it.