PSM Architects, Inc.: Firm Profile

  1. How did the firm get its start?  Originally founded by Albert Perata & Robert Sylvester in 1961. When Richard Mutter became a partner the firm changed it’s name to Perata Sylvester and Mutter in the mid 1970’s.
  2. How did your firm get its name? The firm was reorganized  and became PSM Architects, Inc. in 1987.
  3. Where are you located? 45th Street in Emeryville
  4. What is the firm personality?  Saucy
  5. What’s the firm’s focus? Serving our clients
  6. What’s the most unusual project your firm has done? A 550,000 SF lettuce growing and packaging facility in Patterson CA that is currently under construction.
  7. When was the firm established? 1987
  8. What’s your favorite local building? Fine Arts Apartment building in Berkeley
  9. What is the makeup of your firm and do you have other disciplines? We are an architecture firm working closely with trusted outside consultants and engineers
  10. Do you have any office pets? Occasional guest dogs Spanky and Alfie
  11. Which method of marketing has been the most successful for the firm? Our history with our clients, consultants and the contractors we’ve worked with
  12. How would you describe your firm’s culture? Collaborative
  13. What’s your firm’s favorite lunch spot? Casual – Bay Street Food Court, marketing lunch Riva Cucina
  14. What type of client has been the best to work with? One who wants to be a partner in the process sand work collaboratively.
  15. What does the future hold for the firm? More good projects with good clients

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