IMPORTANT REMINDER! Architects, It’s Time to File a New Business Entity Report Form (BERF)

If you are currently providing professional services in California, you must have a BERF on file with the California Architects Board. And, since the BERF form was updated in 2021, architects need to update their BERF and fill out TWO notices: one to disassociate, and one to associate.

The California Architects Board requires “each person holding a license to practice architecture under this chapter shall file with the board his or her current mailing address and proper and current name and address of the entity though which her or she provides architectural services. For purposes of this section, “entity” means any individual, firm, corporation, or limited liability partnership.”

Failure to comply with the requirement can result in a citation with an administration fine of up to $1,000 or disciplinary action by the board.

Click here for an information sheet on the BERF:

Click here for the updated 2021 BERF:

Questions? Visit the Licensee Information page of the Board Website at or call the CA Architect’s Board at (916) 574-7220.

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