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3029 Macdonald Avenue, Richmond – Institutional Renovation 

June 21, 2022 


Note: if you are interested in learning more and moving forward in the RFP process, we encourage you to attend a walkthrough of the site next Tuesday, 6/28 at 11am.


Through this Request for Proposal (RFP), the nonprofit YES Nature to Neighborhoods (YES) seeks a qualified architect to design a 1,000 square foot addition and renovation to its existing, free-standing building located at 3029 Macdonald Avenue in Richmond, CA. Responses to this RFP are due by July 11, 2022 @ 5:00 pm.

Organization Background

Since its inaugural youth camping trip in 1999, YES Nature to Neighborhoods (YES) has grown into a dynamic leadership development organization that nurtures leaders of all ages and sets the pace in the movement to increase equity and inclusion in the outdoors. By connecting families with the healing power of nature and calling on the innate strength in each individual, YES has created a sea change in the City of Richmond. Over the past 22 years, a new generation of community leaders of color have come forward to reclaim their connection to the earth; discover a deeper sense of confidence and belonging; and build personal well-being and community power. 

More than 6,000 youth and 1,500 families have experienced moments of awe, connection, and transformation through YES’s programs. YES achieves its mission through a holistic approach of nature-based immersion and intentional leadership development for youth and families. Its current 2020-24 strategic plan is completing the build out of both its 10-year Youth Leadership Pathway and Adult Leadership Pathway and recently hired multiple staff positions to help achieve its mission. 


Building Acquisition & Expansion 

At the end of 2021, YES purchased its long-time community home base, a 2,200 square foot office building, 500 square foot multi-purpose room, and adjacent, 2,500 vacant side lot. The building, located directly across the street from Nicholl Park, Richmond’s largest and oldest city park, now allows YES to have a permanent home from which to offer its growing services to participants. 

Planned renovations to accommodate an eventual staff of 20 include the build-out of up to three additional staff offices and conference room; the addition of a kitchen; the landscaping of an outdoor gathering space; possible second story to its free-standing multi-purpose room; as well as energy efficiency and disability access upgrades. Our vision is to be operating from an environmentally healthy, energy-efficient, and empowering new version of our home base by June 2024. This will support the achievement of YES’s vision by providing a stable platform from which the next generation of Richmond leaders can grow and by communicating to participants and staff alike that their presence and contributions are valued. 

To support this effort, YES has contracted with a capital campaign consultant and  outlined plans to mount a campaign which will cover the costs of renovations and  upgrades to its existing space, the addition of approximately 1,000 square feet, and the  outright ownership of the building. This spring, YES began Listening Sessions with its  donor community with the goal of launching the quiet phase of the campaign to raise  the construction portion of the funding later this year. 


Architect Search

YES is seeking qualified architects and/or architecture firms to work with a project manager and building task force, composed of YES staff, volunteers, and board members. The ideal architect will have experience working on institutional projects previously, ideally nonprofits. We are looking for an experienced individual or firm that has a clearly defined process for engaging stakeholders in the visioning and design process. Ideally they are able to provide referrals to general contractors with whom they have worked before and whom they trust. 

Part of the design process will include producing illustrated concept drawings that YES can provide to its donor community during Listening Sessions prior to the start of the schematic design phase. While we understand that some timelines may need to be  flexible, the architect must prioritize this project and provide clear, timely, and  effective communication at all times.  


Project Description & Goals

The renovations are expected to include reconfiguration of the building’s interior and an addition to accommodate the new building program. The scope may include limited exterior improvements (such as signage, paint, roofing, etc.) to reflect the new building program. Further study of building systems shall be conducted by the selected architecture/engineering team to assess the extent to which existing building systems (such as HVAC units and electrical switchgear) can be retained, and shall include a structural evaluation of the existing structure. 

The target construction budget for this project is approximately $1.25M. YES expects to finance this project using a combination of its own funding, grants, donations, and possibly public financing. 

Although YES desires to integrate sustainable building practices into the design and execution of the project, we do not anticipate submitting this project for LEED or GreenPoint Rated certification. 

YES’s goal is to complete construction and take occupancy of the building by June 2024. 

Additional information about the project including the Architectural Program, Space Concept Plan, and the Draft Architect & Engineering Schedule can be found in Attachment A: Project Information. 


Scope of Work

The selected firm (the “Architect”) is expected to provide full architectural and engineering services (including any required structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering) throughout the Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding/Negotiation, Construction Administration, and Post-Construction phases of the project. The exact scope of work will be finalized through negotiations between YES and the Architect. The Architect must be legally licensed to practice Architecture under applicable laws in the State of California. 

During the Conceptual Design phase, the Architect will assist YES in confirming a scope of work, and setting a target construction budget and project schedule. 

The Architect will be requested to participate in the selection of a general contractor  who will be retained during the design phase and participate in the design process. The architect will also be required to work with a YES-appointed project manager. 

The Architect will assist YES in preparing applications necessary for building,  planning, and utility service permits (PG&E, EBMUD). 

The Architect will be responsible for ensuring that its design complies with the  requirements of all applicable regulatory agencies including (but not limited to) the  City of Richmond Planning Department, Building Services, Fire Department, and  Public Works; EBMUD; and PG&E. The Architect may be called upon to provide  letters, certifications, representations, and other information in connection with the  project. 

RFP Responses 

Please respond to this RFP by 7/11/22 @ 5:00 pm by submitting the information listed below: 

  1. Cover Letter: Provide a brief letter expressing your interest in this project. Please describe any skills, experience, or qualifications that would make your firm qualified for this project.
    1. Describe your firm’s approach, process and philosophy towards working with clients and designing projects. If applicable, please speak to your firm’s ability and commitment to designing projects that have social impact and demonstrate environmental sustainability.
    2. Please describe your firm’s experience designing similar facilities, and/or please speak to how you or your firm would approach this aspect of the design if you do not have direct experience.
    3. Please discuss your experience working on projects in Richmond and your familiarity with applicable regulatory agencies (City of Richmond, EBMUD, PG&E).
    4. Please note whether your firm has worked on projects that have received public funding previously as this may or may not be a condition of this project.
    5. Please note whether your firm or its partners in this project are M/WBE owned. If  not, please indicate any good faith efforts your firm will make to provide  opportunities to M/WBEs for this project.
    6. Include any other unique qualifications that you feel would be relevant and  which would assist us in choosing an architect. 
  1. Firm Profile: Please complete Attachment B: Firm Profile
  2. Project Team: Provide the information requested in Attachment C: Project Team, including resumes or bios of key staff from the firm who will be assigned to this project, and a list of proposed engineers and any other expected consultants. 
  3. Project Experience: Provide the information requested in Attachment D: Project Experience. Provide a minimum of three projects completed by your firm that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the proposed project. 
  4. Firm Capacity: Provide the information requested in Attachment E: Firm Capacity, indicating your firm’s current pipeline of projects. 
  5. Fee Structure: Please submit a brief narrative describing how your firm proposes structuring fees for this project, including methodology (fixed fee, percentage of hard cost, not-to-exceed, etc.) and assumptions (rate schedules, percentages/multipliers, etc.) used for computing the fee. 

The fee structure should assume full architecture and engineering services; please note which engineers/consultants are included in your assumptions. 

YES reserves the right to disqualify firms from consideration if the information requested in this RFP, including all attachments, is not provided. Where applicable, please provide responses in the form and/or format requested. 


Draft Selection Process & Project Schedule 

Step 1: YES will review all responses and short-list no more than three applicants to proceed to Step 2. 

Step 2: YES will interview short-listed firms. Following interviews, YES will conduct  reference calls using the project contact information submitted in the qualifications  package. 

Step 3: YES will select one firm with whom to negotiate a contract. 

Step 4: YES will initiate negotiations with the intent to enter into a design contract.  In the event no agreement can be reached to the satisfaction of both parties, YES reserves the right to cease negotiation and commence negotiation with another  firm. 

*Architect Selection Schedule Key Dates 

RFP Issued: June 21, 2022 

Walkthrough at Site: June 28, 2022 @ 11:00 am 

Final Questions Submittal: July 1, 2022  

Responses to Questions: July 6, 2022 

RFP Responses Due: July 11, 2022 @ 5:00 pm 

Short List Issued: July 15, 2022  

Interviews & Reference Calls: July 18 -22, 2022  

Firm Selected: July 25, 2022 

Initiate Contract Negotiations: July 26 – August 5, 2022 

Execute Agreement: August 5, 2022 

Design Kick-Off: August 8, 2022 

* See Attachment A for the full Draft Architect & Engineering Schedule that shows dates through the completion of the project. 

Questions or clarification regarding the RFP should be submitted to Project Manager  Mark Knoerr at yes_pm@yesfamilies.org.  

Please submit one printed copy OR one digital copy of your completed proposal  package to the following address: 

YES Nature to Neighborhoods 

Attn: Eric Aaholm, Executive Director 

3029 Macdonald Ave. 

Richmond, CA 94804 

eric@yesfamilies.org, with cc: to yes_pm@yesfamilies.org 

Qualification packages must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm on July 11, 2022; YES  reserves the right to reject proposals submitted after this deadline. 

Building Overview

Address: 3029 Macdonald Ave. 

Richmond, CA 94804 

APNs: 516-172-019-7 

Existing Building Site Area: 5,000 sq. ft. 

Adjacent Lot: 2,500 sq. ft. 

Historic Classification: N/A 

Current Use: Office, multi-purpose 

Proposed Use: Office, multi-purpose 

Target Completion Date: June 2024  

Target Construction Budget: $1,250,000 (not including land or soft costs such as architecture, engineering, permitting or impact  

fees, insurance or bonds) 

 Proposed Financing: Grants, Donations 

 Proposed Project Schedule: See Attachment A 


(Includes YES Facility Architectural Program Narrative, Space Concept Plan, and Draft  Architectural & Engineering Project Calendar)  


NOTE: Typical furnishing for each staff member as follows: (1) 2’6” x 5’ adjustable  Stand-up desk: (1) chair; (1) two-drawer file cabinet 

  1. MAIN ENTRY/RECEPTION: Main entry from Macdonald Avenue with 

seating for 6-8 clients. 


(1) filing cabinet 

  1. WELLNESS OFFICE: )1) desk; (1) chair; and (1) filing cabinet 
  2. DEVELOPMENT OFFICE: (1) desk; (1) chair and (1) filing cabinet 
  3. MAIN CONFERENCE: table with seating for 18-20; counter with base 

cabinet; bar sink; under-counter refrigerator; and large-screen monitor 

  1. PROGRAM DIRECTOR’S OFFICE: (1) desk with return; (1) chair; (1) filing cabinet and (1) small conference table with seating for 2 
  2. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S OFFICE: (1) desk with return; (1) chair; (1) filing cabinet and (1) small conference table with seating for 4 
  3. HR/FINANCE OFFICE: (2) desks; (2) chairs; and (2) filing cabinets 
  4. SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM: (1) small conference table with seating for 4 10. UNISEX TOILET ROOM: adjacent to main entry/reception, accessible with (1) toilet and (1) sink 
  5. RECEPTION OFFICE: (1) desk; (1) chair; (1) filing cabinet; counter with base and upper cabinets; and space for copy machine 
  6. ADULT LEADERSHIP OFFICE: (3) desks; (3) chairs; (3) filing cabinets and (1) small conference table with seating for 4 
  7. YOUTH LEADERSHIP OFFICE: (3) dsks; (3) chairs; (3) filing cabinets; and small conference table with seating for 4 
  9. STORAGE SPACE: approximately 200 sf for general purpose storage 
  10. STAFF ROOM: adjacent to kitchen with (1) table seating 4-6 
  11. UNISEX TOILET ROOM: adjacent to rear entrance; accessible with (1) toilet and (1) sink 
  12. KITCHEN: (2) sinks (1) refrigerator with freezer; 1) dishwasher; (1) 6-burner cooktop; (2) ovens; (1) microwave; base and upper cabinets 
  13. INTERNS’ OFFICE/ADMINISTRATION: (2) desks; (2) chairs; (2) filing cabinets 20. IT ROOM: space for equipment. Accessible from corridor 
  14. PROGRAM OFFICE: (2) desks; (2) chairs; and (2) filing cabinets 


  1. MAIN OUTDOOR AREA: hard-surfaced area for classes and group gatherings with new fencing on the west property line 
  2. COURTYARD: adjacent to existing multi-purpose room separated from parking with new fencing 
  3. PARKING: off-street parking for (2) vehicles 
  4. REAR ENTRY: new rear entry 
  5. SIDE AND FRONT YARDS: new planting with irrigation 
  6. MAIN ENTRY: new stairs and ramp 

Draft Architect / Engineering Project Calendar 

Issue RFP  6/21/22
Site/Building Walk Through  6/28
RFP Questions Due  7/1
RFP Answers Issued  7/6
RFP Due  7/11
Short List Issued  7/15
Reference Checks  7/18-7/22
Interviews  7/18-7/22
Select A/E Team  7/25
10  A/E Contract Negotiation  7/26-8/5
11  Execute A/E Contract  8/5
12  Design Kick-Off Meeting  8/8
13  Contractor Selection  8/8-9/9
14  Schematic Design (SD) Phase  8/8-9/9
15  SD Cost Estimate  9/12-9/23
16  SD Cost Review  9/26-9/30
17  50% Design Development & Construction Docs Phase  10/3-11/11
18  50% DD / CD Cost Estimate  11/14-11/25
19  50% DD / CD Cost Estimate Review  11/28-12/9
20  Submit for Permit  12/12
21  95% DD/CD Phase  12/12 – 2/3/23
22  95% Cost Estimate  2/6-2/17
23  95% Cost Estimate Review  2/20-2/24
24  Permit Comments  2/27-3/24
25  Permit Issuance  3/27/23
26  Final Bid Period  3/27-4/7
27  Construction Contract Negotiation  4/10-4/21
28  Construction Start  4/24/23
29  Substantial Completion  4/12/24
30  Final Punch List  4/15 – 4/26/24
31  Start-Up & Move-In  4/29-5/10
32  Open Facility  5/13
33  Grand Opening Celebration  6/1/2024


Name of Firm: 

Address of Firm: 

Main Telephone:  


Number of Staff:  

Years in Business:  

Single Point of Contact for this Architect Selection Process: 





Current and valid license to practice architecture in the State of California: Name: 

License #: 

Is firm a registered LBE/SLBE? ☐ Yes ( %) ☐ No Is firm a registered MBE or WBE? ☐ Yes ( %) ☐ No 

Has there been any legal proceeding (arbitration, complaint, or court action) filed  against your firm in the past 5 years? (if yes, please attach an explanation) ☐ Yes ☐ No 

Firm has, or can obtain, General Liability Insurance with limits no less than $1,000,000  per claim/$2,000,000 aggregate per project; and Professional Liability Insurance  including Errors and Omissions coverage with limits no less than $1,000,000 per  claim/$3,000,000 aggregate per project. ☐ Yes ☐ No 


  1. Architectural Staff: Provide names and information for any project team members that will be assigned to this project. For example, the Principal in Charge, Project Manager, and/or Project Architect/Designer. (An individual may fulfill more than one role, for example the project manager may also be the project architect.) 

For each individual, provide a resume or bio including the following information: a. Name 

  1. Title 
  2. Email 
  3. Telephone 
  4. Years of employment with firm 
  5. Total years of professional experience 
  6. List of relevant project experience, including individual’s role in the project h. Education 
  7. Architectural license number, if applicable 
  8. Engineers & Consultants: Provide your firm’s proposed/preferred engineering & consultant team for the project. YES expects to finalize the consultant team after selection of the Architect and prior to execution of a contract. 

Please list any engineers/consultants that you feel are appropriate to a project of this type, such as: 

– Structural Engineer 

– Electrical Engineer 

– Mechanical Engineer 

– Plumbing Engineer 

– Civil Engineer 

– Consultant/architect to advise on design of credit union, if applicable 16


Provide information for at least three projects completed by your firm that demonstrate  your ability to successfully complete the proposed project. Projects submitted as  experience must meet the following threshold requirements: 

  1. At least one project must be an institutional renovation project with a comparable scope, budget, and complexity as the proposed project. 
  2. At least one project must be the work of the Project Manager or 

Project Architect proposed for the current project. 

  1. At least one project must have been completed within the last five years.  For each project, please include: 
  2. Project Name and/or Location 
  3. Photograph/Rendering 
  4. Completion Date 
  5. Owner and/or Developer 
  6. General Contractor 
  7. Key staff from your firm and their role(s) 
  8. Total Square Footage 
  9. Hard cost of construction 
  10. Change Orders, expressed as a Percentage of Hard Cost 
  11. Architect’s Additional Services, expressed as a Percentage of Architect’s Originally Contracted Fee 
  12. Client Reference 
  13. Brief project description or other notes (optional)


List the current projects actively in design or construction by your firm. For each project, please  include:  

  1. Project Name and/or Location 
  2. Project Type (e.g., New Construction, Rehab, TI, etc.) 
  3. Current Phase of Project (e.g., Schematic Design, Construction Administration, etc.) D. Estimated Completion Date 
  4. Estimated Hard Construction Cost 
Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 512 MB.

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Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 512 MB.

You can apply to this job and others using your online resume. Click the link below to submit your online resume and email your application to this employer.

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