Project Profile: PYATOK, Mithun, and Kennerly Architecture

Avalon Dogpatch
800 Indiana Street, San Francisco, 94107

Separated from the rest of San Francisco by Mission Bay and Potrero Hill, the Dogpatch Neighborhood developed an identity apart from San Francisco. This working waterfront was a center for steel fabrication, ship building and a host of other heavy industries, with a neighborhood of modest workers cottages and its heart.

Through cycles of boom and bust Dogpatch has constantly evolved over the years. As heavy industry declined it became a haven for craftspeople, artist and smaller scale production, including the scene workshop and store house for the San Francisco Opera located in a former steel fabrication plant at the foot of Potrero Hill.

The development team for this challenge site brought together three strong design firms – PYATOK, Mithun and Kennerly Architecture – to create a new residential community that would reflect that vitality and rich history of the neighborhood. Working closely with the Dogpatch Neighborhood Associations the three firms developed a design parti composed of three distinct buildings; an E-shaped building tucked against the freeway on the north, a curved courtyard building along the old railroad spur on the south, and a pair of linear buildings linking the two, all linked by a serrated circulation spine that provided an acoustic buffer along the raised freeway. Within this framework, each firm developed a distinct architectural expression reflecting aspects of the Dogpatch character.

The north building, designed by Mithun, is a sturdy brick structure with deep recessed windows, barrel shaped roof and projecting steel balconies that feels right at home among the surviving brick warehouses.

The corrugated clad central building by PYATOK expresses the strong horizontal elements of later industrial buildings, with two-story ground floor stoops patterned on the raised loading dock along the old railroad spurs.

The south building by Kennerly Architecture takes advantage of the curve of an abandoned railroad spur to create an idiosyncratic form clad in corten steel that recalls both the utilitarian and artistic traditions of the neighborhood.

At the street level, the three distinct buildings work together create an active neighborhood edge, with four main entries, multiple openings to interior courtyards, stoops, sitting areas and a new public dog park under the 20th Street overpass.


Total Gross Area:  416,293 sf
5 stories; Type-IIIA over Type-IA
Total Development Cost:  (CONFIDENTIAL)

PYATOK architecture+ urban design
Address: 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 200
                Oakland, CA 94510

660 Market Street, #300
San Francisco, CA 94104

Kennerly Architecture & Planning
375 Alabama Street, Suite 440
San Francisco, CA 94110

Name: AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
Address: 455 Market Street, Suite 1650
                San Francisco, CA 94105

Name: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Address: 221 Main Street, Suite 800
                San Francisco, CA 94105

Name: Sandis
Address: 636 9th Street
                Oakland, CA 94607

Name: Lagan
Address: 501 14th Street, 3rd flr
                Oakland, CA 94612

Interior Designer
Name: Style, Inc.
Address: 1501 Quail Street, Suite 250
                Newport Beach, CA 92660

Lighting Consultant
Name:  Illuminosa & ALD
Address:  931 Pardee Street
                Berkeley, CA 94710

LEED Consultant
Name:  Thorton Tomasetti
Address:  650 California Street, Suite 1400
                San Francisco, CA 94108

Color Consultant
Name:  Colour Studio
Address:  375 Alabama Street, Suite 229
                San Francisco, CA 94110
Metal Artwork Artist
Name:  Jenna Didier
Address:  4644 Huntington Drive South
                Los Angeles, CA 90032

Design Team
Peter Waller, Principal
Marcial Chao, Principal
PMJohn Thompson, PA
Sarah Fleming, JC
Rachael Davidoff, JC
Lauren Bruni, Designer

Daniel Solomon, Principal
Lisa Jacks, PM
Iveannette Santiago Rivera, JC

Owen Kennerly, Principal
          William Reid, JC

Name:  Miller Company
Address:  1585 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Name:  Emerald City Engineers, Inc.
Address:  6505 216th Street SW, Suite 200
                Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Name: AvalonBay Communities
Address: 455 Market Street, Suite 1650
                San Francisco, CA 94105

Name: Bruce Damonte, Bruce Damonte Photography
Address: 1300 South Van Ness Ave, #203
                San Francisco, CA 94110 d

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