UC Berkeley Room 1000 Editorial Staff Release Issue 8: Magic”

Room One Thousand is a student produced journal from UC Berkeley’s Department of Architecture. In it’s 9th year, it serves as a platform for students to creatively engage with faculty, almuni, & practioners from the SF Bay Area and beyond. Working from this vantage point, Room One Thousand remains dedicated to exploring contemporary issues in and adjacent to the field of architecture and the built environment.
As a non-for-profit organization, the journal is made possible by students volunteering their time and labor. All proceeds will directly fund the production of future issues.

Outside the bounds of the exact sciences and the Cartesian grid, magic denotes that which can’t easily be named or confined. Over the past months in working on this issue, we have come to see the rituals, incantations, illusions and various acts of magic as legitimate world-building strategies. Deployed intently and politically, these super-natural acts have served as a useful lens for understanding these dizzying and unmooring times.

Existing at the frayed edges and rich margins beyond dominant realities, what is often deemed as ‘magic’ defies logic and offends western enlightened sensibilities. This issue seeks to make visible the rippling effects of magic through collaborative research, interviews, and contributions by students & alumni, activists, artists, and architects. These articles span colonial histories, nomadic dwellings, speculative fiction, special effects, floating universities and more. ✨

Featuring contributions from:
Erin & Ian Besler, Greg Castillo, Adeloa Enigbokan & Carlos Medellin, Mustafa Faruki, Doug Hall, Joris Komen, Jesse LeCavalier, Dominique Moody & Brenda Zhang, Javairia Shahid, SOFT AGENCY, Maya Sorabjee, Laura Harris Veit & the RM1008 team.
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