Fire and Sound Assemblies: Small Firm Forum

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Brown Bag Lunch (BYO Lunch)
Free for AIA Members / $3 Guests

1.5 CES LUs

The UL Fire Resistance Directory and the various sound assembly resources tend to intimidate professionals. Focusing on the UL Directory, we hope to make these resources easy to understand and apply while avoiding the common mistakes that have led to litigation.

Fire, Smoke, Heat and Sound Assemblies – Components of a safe and livable environment.
Fire and sound assemblies are like a transmission in your car. If one part is missing or assembled incorrectly, the car won’t run.  The UL manual tends to intimidate professionals and mistakes are made. Focusing primarily on the UL Fire Resistance Manual, this presentation is intended to explain and simplify the selection of fire and sound assemblies and illustrate common mistakes that have led to litigation.

About the Presenter:

Dennis Reilly, Architect/Structural Engineer (President of Reilly & Company & POSTEN Engineering Systems) has designed projects ranging from housing to hospitals and has provided forensic investigation services on projects ranging from housing to justice centers. 

Learning Objectives:

After this presentation, attendees will…

  1.  Have an understanding of the UL Fire Resistance Directory, its organization, components (fire, temperature, smoke, walls, floors, roofs, cladding, penetrations, etc.) and limitations.
  2. Identify at least three common issues related to Sound Assemblies.
  3. Know common mistakes (constructibility, coordination with consultants, application, installation, etc) that have led to litigation.
  4. Removed the intimidation factor in selecting and specifying fire and sound assemblies.


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