Building an Exterior Wall (With Wood): SFF

SFF Round Table Discussion (Highly Interactive)

Thursday, September 6, 2018
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1.5 CES LUs

SFF Host:  Gregory True, AIA

Gregory True, AIA has built and designed a lot of walls during his decades as a licensed contractor and architect.  He admires building projects that meld design ideas, structure, materials, and an efficient building process to achieve their goals.  He is curious to know what his colleagues, with an interest in this topic, have to share.

Evolving building code & energy requirements demand more from the building envelope.   Wood frame exterior walls not only provide structure, but must provide the multiple barriers that protect from water and air infiltration, provide thermal comfort and prevent the deterioration that occurs when moisture is absorbed into the wall.  Some projects require fire protection. Many experts have differing opinions on what products, strategies and details work best.   It’s likely that on any given project, the designer, code enforcement agency, the contractor and tradesmen all would have input on the best way to meet that project’s requirements.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a broader perspective on trusted strategies and products for water and air barriers, including housewrap, integrated air & water barriers, rainscreens and structural sheathing with air and water barriers.
  2. Learn how your peer’s thinking about thermal barriers has evolved with respect to fiberglass batts,  continuous Insulation and closed or open cell polyurethane products.
  3. Learn about innovative wall sections that have enabled unique project solutions
  4. Learn via highly interactive conversation, the range of knowledge your peers possess and where that leaves you relative to your standard of care.

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